On the eve of camp…

By the number of players already working out at Pirate City on Thursday, it would seem that almost all the pitchers and catchers have already trickled in. And with the weather being what it is down here, it’s hard to blame them for getting going early.

Friday is the official report date for pitchers and catchers… well, for those not here already. The first workout will be at noon on Saturday. 

For those looking for the comprehensive list of players participating in Major League camp, I’ve listed all the non-roster invitees below. Of course, everyone on the team’s 40-man roster is participating as well.

Non-roster invitees:

Pitchers: RHP Denny Bautista, RHP Chris Bootcheck, RHP Jason Davis, LHP Daniel Haigwood, RHP Juan Mateo, RHP Daniel McCutchen, RHP Brian Slocum

Catchers: Eric Kratz, Miguel Perez

Infielders: Shelby Ford, Garrett Jones, Pedro Lopez, Anderson Machado, Andy Phillips

Outfielders: Andrew McCutchen, Craig Monroe, Jeff Salazar

In other pre-Spring Training news…

A new field at Pirate City now sits where I parked by car last year, but the addition of the field will give coaches more flexibility to spread out workouts/drills if needed. With the field, the Pirates now have four full fields and one half field at Pirate City. 

Also, note that a handful of Pirates Grapefruit League games will be webcast on Pirates.com this spring. Games on March 4 (vs. Minnesota), March 12 (vs. Minnesota), March 18 (vs Minnesota), March 23 (vs. Tampa Bay), March 30 (vs. Cincinnati) and April 1 (vs. Boston) will all be webcasted, so those of you without the luxury of spending time down here can still get your fix of Spring Training baseball.

In addition, the Pirates’ March 16 game against Tampa Bay will be telecast on FSN-Pittsburgh. That game has a 7:05 p.m. start time.


Hey Jen,
I think you do a good job covering the bucs. I have followed them since I was a kid. It’s nice in this computer age to be able to keep up with the team even down here in SC. Glad to see we have some of the nicest facilities in baseball. Now if we can just put a competitive team on the field all will be well.

Hi, Jen. So glad you’re blogging here. I’m a Yankee fan, but I’ve got a question. Do you know if Doug Mientkiewicz signed anywhere? Didn’t the Pirates want him back? Or was his price tag too high?


Is there any real hope to be competitive this year? This seems to be one of the worst opening day rosters the Pirates have had in a while, and that’s saying something. All major league players are incredibly talented, but compared to other MLB teams, this lineup is extremely weak and the pitching staff does not have a starter that has been consistent over a couple of years.

What’s the affection with the LaRoche’s? Adam doesn’t wake up until the Pirates are double digit games out and, as discussed by analysts, Andy has a hole in his swing that’s going to make it tough for him to be a decent major league hitter. I guess we’ll just be waiting to see if some pitchers develop and if McCutchen, Walker, and Pearce develop. The season hasn’t begun but I’ve already found myself saying “there’s always next year”.

Jen, enjoy the tennis weather. Any of the players good with a racquet? I’ve found most baseball players swing for the fences even on a tennis court, not a good thing.


To answer your question… No, Doug has not yet signed anywhere. When I talked with him last (early January, I believe), he said he had a number of interested teams. It’s hard to tell, then, why Mientkiewicz still has no where to report to.
It’s not necessarily that the Pirates didn’t want him back, but they got an upgrade with the signing of Eric Hinske. With Hinske able to play at all the defensive positions Mientkiewicz did last year, there was no longer any need to pursue Doug.
Hope that gives you any necessary clarification.

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