Reporting Date Odds & Ends

As you well know, Friday is the reporting date for pitchers and catchers. However, after spending the day at Pirate City, the club would do just as well in holding full-squad workouts already, too.

In addition to all the pitchers and catchers, most of the team’s position players have already arrived in Bradenton as well. In fact, of the 15 position players on the team’s 40-man roster, the only five who I didn’t see on Friday were Jack Wilson, Freddy Sanchez, Eric Hinske, Jose Tabata and Luis Cruz. Of course there is not necessarily any scientific accuracy to my counting skills, but you get the point — almost everyone is here.

There’s no word yet on whether any visa problems or other issues will keep anyone from reporting by midnight on Friday. We’ll know for sure on Saturday when the team holds its first workout at noon.

Not much news to report just yet, but a few things to note:

Phil Dumatrait threw three sets (25 throws) at 150 feet on Friday. The lefty, who has had a slower-than-expected recovery from minor arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder, began throwing at 150 feet on Wednesday for the first time. He did just two sets, though, on Wednesday. 

Dumatrait said he hasn’t been given a layout of how his progression is going to be over the next few weeks, but he did report no discomfort since his visit with Dr. Andrews a month ago. It was at that time that Dr. Andrews recommended Dumatrait not throw for 10 days.

Brandon Moss, on the other hand, was out taking BP on Friday and said that he has been cleared to do everything that he would normally do at this time of the year. He continues to wear a brace on his left knee, but said that he will not wear it during games.

Look for longer profiles of these two guys to appear on the site over the weekend. But until those stories are up, I figured I’d pass along a quick injury update.

In addition to their required physicals and exams, players are also spending these first two weeks taping in-game entertainment pieces. Headshots are being taken for the PNC Park Jumbotron and all the in-game Q-and-A and trivia answers are being collected. 



Please let this be the year of respectability!

Is there a concern that some players might have visa issues?


Tell everybody I say hello! Especially Mr. Snell, let him know I’m expecting big things in 2009.

Heres to a great year for the Pirates!!

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