Day 5 Daily Squeeze

Dad, if you’re reading this I’ve got some good news. We are of Hungarian descent afterall. Thanks to Steve and Sandy, readers who stopped me to say hello during workouts today, it’s been confirmed that Langosch is, in fact, Hungarian. (for those wondering why this is exciting news to me, it’s because we never quite knew). According to Steve, my last name means something about a donut. If nothing else, that justifies my sweet tooth.

OK, onto some baseball talk since I’m sure no one outside of my family cares about our descent. I’m also going to try and get fancy and add a photo in here today, courtesy of guru photographer and media relations director Jim Trdinich.

  • The morning started off with a successful bullpen session for lefty Phil Dumatrait. Dumatrait threw off the mound for the first time since July 7 and said all felt great afterward. He stuck with 25 fastballs for today. Dumatrait will throw long toss on Thursday and then will have another 25-pitch bullpen session on Friday. In manager John Russell’s words: “He’s coming along very nicely.”
  • I got my first look at Pedro Alvarez as a third baseman today, and I must say that defensively, he also looks like he belongs. Alvarez (and Luis Cruz) both took infield practice with the established big leaguers. About the only thing that Alvarez didn’t look comfortable doing on Wednesday was bunting, though I’d imagine his Major League career will turn out just fine even if he never masters the technique.
  • It was another entertaining day of watching first base coach Perry Hill lead infield practice. He starts the infielders on their knees fielding balls before graduating to more of the normal infield practice. Hill remains quite vocal, and no one gets off easy, not even the veterans. The group spent a good amount of time practicing playing in and throwing home.
  • University of Pittsburgh basketball coach Jamie Dixon, fresh off his team’s upset win over No. 1 UConn, spent the morning roaming the fields at Pirate City. Dixon was in the area for a recruiting trip.


(Sweet! The picture — this of Dixon and Russell chatting — actually uploaded correctly this time. Excuse the enthusiasm, please.)

  • Practice ended fairly early today (all players were off the fields by 12:30 pm) since a number of players and coaches were scooting off to play in the charity golf tournament. Thursday’s practice is scheduled to end early as well.
  • And finally… had a really good chat with Adam LaRoche to today, the majority of which you’ll be able to find on the site tomorrow in a feature I’m finishing up. Be sure to check back for that. And yes, there will be talk about his slow starts. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a bit of our lengthy talk in the quote of the day below.

Quote of the Day: “It falls on all nine of us in the lineup now. If you’re a young guy, too bad. We don’t have that cushion for you to come out for a year and not help us out. We’re not good enough for that. I think the [external] expectations for the team this year are crap. Everybody expects us to lose. I think we can feed off that if we don’t fall into a trap and start listening to that, and then we can really surprise some people.” — LaRoche  

Until tomorrow… 


Nice shout out to your dad and I enjoyed the quote by LaRoche.


Hey love you Blog really keeps me up to date with pirate news love the pirates and right now i feel really good about this years team Can’t wait to see the LaRoche interview hes areal classy guy and i loved his quote

Visit the pirates fan myspace at

I like the passion that LaRoche is showing, but he needs to step it up early in the season.
His slow starts has just as much to do as any other single factor in the Pirates struggles.

Dont get me wrong, hes taking the bull by the horns and is showing that he wants to be a leader of this team, and thats a huge step!

Thanks Jen, once again, great job!


Thanks Jen for answering my questions. I have another one what have you notice as far as changes Joe Kerrigan has made on the pitchers and what are the plans for Phil? Thanks again for your awesome reports.

Boofer here; Love the blog. Oh and hey everyone loves donuts. Im a big golfer. Who won.

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