Trio of prospects makes BA Top 100

On Tuesday, Baseball America released its list of the Top 100 prospects heading into 2009, which included the names of three Pirates prospects:

No. 12: 3B Pedro Alvarez (No. 2 overall pick in 2008)

No. 33: OF Andrew McCutchen (No. 11 overall pick in 2005)

No. 75: OF Jose Tabata (signed as a non-drafted free agent in 2005 as a 16 year old)

One interesting observation from list — Baseball America also projected when each player would make his Major League debut. For McCutchen, the prediction was 2009. Definitely a safe bet. For Tabata, the prediction was 2010. I’d agree there, too. As for Alvarez, his predicted debut? 2009. Yes, that’s this year. Stay tuned…


Thanks for the update, I didn’t realize these were out yet.

Its good to see Huntington has the Pirates doing well with three prospects of the Bucs in the BA Top 100.


3 out of 100 would be average, I’ll take that given the Pirate’s history. The eventual emergence of Alvarez would make it seem less worthwhile to have patience with Andy LaRoche if continues to struggle. Why allow LaRoche to be miserable if Alvarez is the not to distant future anyway? Am I missing something?

I think the Pirates already know it is not going to happen with LaRoche. I for one will be happy to see Alvarez in the lineup this year. Though I have to wonder what the future for Neil Walker is. I like Neil and think he deserves a chance, maybe right now. They will try to save face with LaRoche as long as possible, because of the furor over the trade.

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