Day 16: Tigers @ Pirates

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No better Sunday cartoon than this one right here. 

My eyes will be on the baseball game here at McKechnie Field, but I can’t promise that my mind won’t wander just a bit. 

2 p.m. ET: Mizzou @ kU (I was told during my education at Missouri that it’s never appropriate to capitalize the “k” in kU because it’s neither a proper noun, nor a proper place.)

This is the game that we — Tigers fans — look forward to more than any other all year. Fingers crossed for a season sweep.


Pregame news and notes:

  • Virgil Vasquez is throwing live batting practice on Sunday, a sign that he should be ready to appear in a game next week.
  • Ramon Vazquez gets the start at DH to give him a few more at-bats before joining the Puerto Rican team later today. Vazquez, Ian Snell and Dave Davidson will all leave after the game to join their World Baseball Classic teammates. 

Grapefruit League Game 5:

Pirates lineup:

1. Nyjer Morgan (LF)

2. Freddy Sanchez (2B)

3. Nate McLouth (CF)

4. Ryan Doumit (C)

5. Craig Monroe (RF)

6. Ramon Vazquez (DH)

7. Andy LaRoche (3B)

8. Garrett Jones (1B)

9. Jack Wilson (SS)

Pitchers: Jimmy Barthmaier, Chris Bootcheck, Sean Burnett, Evan Meek, Tyler Yates

Tigers Lineup:

1. Curtis Granderson (CF)

2. Placido Polanco (2B)

3. Gary Sheffield (DH)

4. Brent Clevlen (LF)

5. Mike Hessman (1B)

6. Ryan Raburn (RF)

7. Brandon Inge (3B)

8. Matt Treanor (C)

9. Adam Everett (SS)

Pitchers: Justin Verlander


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