Day 40: Pirates @ Rays

On the Jose Tabata front… In case you missed it, I updated Tuesday’s initial story with new information this morning. Click here for the full story. The important item, as it relates to the team, is this: there is no indication that Jose Tabata had any knowledge of his wife’s alledged kidnapping. A look into the past record of Amalia Tabata Pereira suggests that Jose Tabata’s only mistake was getting involved with her beginning backin 2007.

Regardless of Tabata’s innocence in this whole matter, it will be of note to follow how this might potentially affect him on the field. Based on the statement that Tabata provided after being questioned by police, he was upset and shaken up by what had occurred. How that affects a 20-year-old “kid” remains to be seen.

And now that I got my taste of the cops and courts reporting beat for the day, let’s get back to the baseball beat.  

This is the second of three consecutive night games this week (with an off-day thrown in on Thursday for good measure). It’s an odd sequence to see in Spring Training, though one that I don’t mind considering I like this schedule during the season.

Anyways, Andy Phillips seemed encouraged by his status when I spoke with him briefly this afternoon back at McKechnie Field. He said the difference is like “night and day” since getting an injection on Monday. Phillips participated in full workouts on Wednesday and is going to do so again on Thursday. He said he also may stand in while Phil Dumatrait throws live BP on Thursday to see some pitches.

Phillips said he plans to then be back on the field in Friday’s game if all goes well. I’m not sure if that means a Major League or Minor League contest. But the progress is good news nonetheless. It also makes me wonder if Phillips does have enough time to still make the Opening Day roster. GM Neal Huntington’s comments on Sunday suggested that Phillips would not have enough time to do what he needed to to win the job. But we’ll see.

Pirates lineup:

  1. Andrew McCutchen (CF)
  2. Jack Wilson (SS)
  3. Ramon Vazquez (3B)
  4. Adam LaRoche (1B)
  5. Craig Monroe (LF)
  6. Brandon Moss (RF)
  7. Steve Pearce (DH)
  8. Robinzon Diaz (C)
  9. Luis Cruz (2B)

Pitchers: Jeff Karstens, Jason Davis, Craig Hansen

Rays lineup:

  1. Jason Bartlett (SS)
  2. Carl Crawford (LF)
  3. Evan Longoria (3B)
  4. Pat Burrell (DH)
  5. Willy Aybar (1B)
  6. Ben Zobrist (CF)
  7. Gabe Gross (RF)
  8. Shawn Riggans (C)
  9. Adam Kennedy (2B)

Pitchers: Jeff Neimann

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Hey Jen! I am pulling for Andy Phillips to make the Bucs’ Major League squad. He’s been the “Hard Luck Kid” concerning Spring Training for the last three years it seems!

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