Day 42: Blue Jays @ Pirates

We’re in the homestretch now folks, with nine more games to play before the plane heads northwest to St. Louis. And the Pirates still have 40 players in camp at the present moment, meaning they are going to have to start trimming down this roster in fury over the next week. I’d suspect that to start this weekend, very possibly tomorrow.

At 12:30 p.m. Jose Tabata addressed more than a dozen reporters about the kidnapping charges against his wife, Amalia Tabata Pereira. As it turns out, Tabata was told by Pereira that the baby belonged to him. Tabata had been anticipating his first chance to see the baby on Monday, the day of the kidnapping. All the details on the story can be found here. I plan on this being the last story I write on this unusual sequence of events.

Earlier this afternoon, starter Paul Maholm threw seven innings in a Triple-A game over at Pirate City. The Pirates want him to stay on his pitch-every-five-days schedule (which nicely has him lined up to pitch on Opening Day — though not yet officially), but also needed Virgil Vasquez to get his work in with the Major League team on Friday.

Maholm allowed five hits, five runs (two earned), and struck out six. He didn’t walk a hitter. In 26 2/3 innings this spring, Maholm has now walked just one. He threw 88 pitches, 67 for strikes on Friday. Again, it was notable efficiency.

The damage done against Maholm was in large part the result of a Shelby Ford error and a wind-aided grand slam. I’ll vouch for the fact that the wind is gusting out here right now, as my hair has seen better days.

Jesse Chavez pitched in a Double-A game Friday afternoon and allowed one run on three hits and a walk in three innings. He struck out four and threw 48 pitches.

As for the scene over at McKechnie Field right now… those in big league camp just finished some baserunning and infield defense work and have now moved on to BP. This will be the final night game of the spring for the Pirates.

Pirates lineup:

  1. Nyjer Morgan (LF)
  2. Freddy Sanchez (2B)
  3. Nate McLouth (CF)
  4. Ryan Doumit (C)
  5. Eric Hinske (1B)
  6. Brandon Moss (RF)
  7. Andy LaRoche (3B)
  8. Brian Bixler (SS)
  9. Virgil Vasquez (RHP)

Pitchers: Vasquez, John Grabow, Tyler Yates, Chris Bootcheck, Sean Burnett, Donnie Veal

Blue Jays lineup:

  1. Marco Scutaro (SS)
  2. Brad Emaus (2B)
  3. Alex RIos (RF)
  4. Vernon Wells (CF)
  5. Lyle Overbay (1B)
  6. Scott Rolen (3B)
  7. Rod Barajas (C)
  8. Travis Snider (LF)
  9. Howie Clark (DH)

Pitchers: Roy Halladay 

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What players might we lose to (out of options) and who has options left. Monroe, Jones and Salazar what happens with these guys, who have proven their worth this year. It would also be nice to get weekly or monthly reports on our guys in AAA, AA and below. Don’t worry about the hair at least you have some.

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