Doumit cleared to begin next phase of rehab

Ryan Doumit had a CT scan on his right wrist on Thursday, which showed proper healing of the wrist bone that had been pinned together. Doumit has not yet been cleared to begin full baseball activity, but he began range of motion activities on Friday and will begin catching bullpen sessions on Saturday (he can catch, but cannot throw the ball).

“It was [encouraging],” Doumit said. “The doctor seemed more excited than I was. The doctor said that the bone looks great. We’re right on schedule. It doesn’t look like there’s going to be any setbacks. It was good news.”

The Pirates said that Doumit is still on the 8-10 week time frame for his return, though it looks like it will likely be on the longer end of that. It’s been six weeks since Doumit had the surgery, and a Pirates spokesperson said Doumit will have another CT scan in 3-4 weeks to again check on the healing. Doumit said he thought that CT scan was scheduled for around June 15. It will be after that scan when Doumit will begin his rehab stint.

Doumit is hopeful, though, that by having stayed with the team throughout since having the surgery and by now beginning to catch again that he can cut down on his rehab time later.

“I basically want to stay in as good a shape as possible so that when I do start throwing and they do clear me, I can return as quickly as possible,” Doumit said. “It has been difficult. I’d rather be around here than rotting somewhere in Florida.”  

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