McCutchen to lead off; start in centerfield

Haven’t ventured down to the clubhouse just yet (no one is likely down there yet), but this much I know… Andrew McCutchen will bat in the leadoff spot today and will start in centerfield.

Nyjer Morgan will shift down to the No. 2 hole, while Freddy Sanchez will take the departed Nate McLouth’s place in the third spot.

Littls surprise that McCutchen is assuming the spot in center, even though GM Neal Huntington would not say on Wednesday night if he’d be in center or left. Groomed as a centerfielder and obviously one of the organization’s premier prospects, that’s where McCutchen would belong.

More to come shortly… including player reaction and the scoop on McCutchen…


I knew nate would be traded gold glove winner it was just a money move the scary part that leaves us with Brandon Moss it is no wonder the pirates have finished where they have for the last seventeen years and it will continue. They traded the best ball player they had. Another rebuilding year

What number is McCutchen wearing??? I need to know so I write it in on my home-modified Nate McLouth shirt for the game today… hehe

how much longer do we have to wait some of us arent as young as we used to be

well what ever number it is its sure to be up ina few years lol

well jen your degree in french should come in handy covering the bucs –french/bucs== loosers lol

Another long-time Bucco fan chiming in from the Boston area, and once again more than disappointed in the news. Much as I too would love to see Andrew in a Pirates starting line-up, the loss of Nate seems WAY too much. His credentials have been stellar and he was, I was led to believe, one of the faces of the NEW Pirates we’ve been hearing about all season (and just like previous seasons). So, once again, Management does the season in by June. I have come to not believe ONE word from these guys. I always thought you built a tream AROUND a core of young players who were solid, say the Bays, Sanchezes, McLouths, Dukes, etc. and keep a few wise veterans, such as Wilson (maybe Monroe and/or Hinske) to keep them focused on the big picture. But this management team is as transparent as the former one(s) and speaks out of both sides of their mouths to placate the fans. You have Nutting saying nothing, Neal spouting his usual “fan-friendly” inanities and Frank choosing who he will e-respond to (and avoiding the hard-hitting questions) and sending out more of the same fluff, softballs if you will to basically trick the masses. I can’t even read his stuff. It is so condescending. THIS TEAM AND TOWN DESERVE BETTER. Let it be known that ONCE again, the Boston area sports chat shows are howling out loud about the Pirates and their foolish reactive, knee-jerk ways. They got us good here with the Bay deal (they never felt Moss and esp. Hansen would be stars anywhere) and now can join the Greek chorus and continue to hammer the Pirates and their very foolish management from near and afar. I still will be a Pirate fan life-long, but am very embarrassed by the crap the fans have to endure from triple-a management types (at best), and yes, that includes a manager who cannot bring any fire to a bunch of kids who definitely WANT to win. This is a travesty.

McCutchen is wearing #22.

We are now told to be excited about the potential of and outfield with McCutchen, Hernandez, and Tabata. Why not McLouth, McCutchen, and Tabata? That sounds better. McLouth was just 27. I don’t see Hernandez with the potential of McLouth; he has no power. While baffled with this deal, I will give the management one out. If Morton can be a No. 2 or 3 guy with an era around 4 eating up 7 innings regularly, then I’m okay with the trade since the Pirates desperately need starting pitching depth. However, from everything I read, he is far from a lock to be able to do that. I hope Morton gets it done, but I thin the Pirates were just plundered.

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