Morton makes Indy debut

One day after being one of three prospects acquired for center fielder Nate McLouth, RHP Charlie Morton made his organizational debut in Indianapolis. His first impression couldn’t have been much better…

Morton pitched seven shutout innings, allowing four hits, one walk and striking out seven. Morton has now won six straight and has allowed just one run in his last 23 innings. Reports out of Victory Field on Thursday had Morton’s fastball reading 96-97 mph on the radar gun.



well then how long will it take to bring him up and send Ian down? solid outings like Morton is having says a lot more than Ian’s outings. Let’s see him!

I would like to see what this Charlie Morton has to offer in Pittsburgh. I think Karstens is holding his own and appears to be able to listen to instruction from the coaching staff. Ian Snell on the other hand seems to keep doing his own thing, which does not work. I’m fed up with Snell and would gladly trade him for a pack of gum.

Morton gives the Bucs another AAA/MLB hard throwing RHP option. Snell really has to perform now.

Depth, depth, depth.

The naysayers don’t realise how far reaching trades like this can be and if it pushes Ian to the bullpen that may not be a bad thing.

I was surprised just as anyone about the McClouth deal I did like him. I understand the thinking (the Pirates trade away another all-star), but the numbers speak differently an OPs of 810 with a 256 batting avg is not all-star, I loved Nates work ethic but I think last year was his career year. Cutch (as Morgan calls him) will defensively spell Nate and will probably have a better career average. In the post-steroids era of baseball Batting Avg. and speed will have a bigger impact more in line with the 70’s and 80’s. This gives the Pirates up with to good table setters to manufacture runs. Since power bats are harder to come by. Two players with a strong upside and one major league ready starter that throws a 97mph fastball is quite a catch. Morton is destroying Triple AAA. He has had his taste of the show and will definitely give a contrast to some the soft serve stuff our current rotation tosses out. Also some of the comments are pretty harsh on Jennifer, she just reporting the news, I don’t sense biasness just an optimism that most of us Pirates fan have lost.

I can some what understand the trade but we really need an exterminatorto come in to pittsburgh and get rid of the laroaches,it was bad enough to have one now we have to that need to be got rid ofneither one is much help and there has to be players out there either in the system or other teams that can be a better choice

Hey Jen, are you taking another day off. When you want to leave that job give me a call. Thats the same post you had yesterday.

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