Charlie Morton exits with hamstring injury

So much for Charlie Morton’s anticipated Pirates debut.

The right-hander, who Pittsburgh acquired a week ago as part of a four-player trade that sent Nate McLouth to the Braves, left after pitching one inning on Wednesday because of tightness in his right left hamstring.

Morton threw 13 first-inning pitches and allowed just one hit. According to a Pirates spokesperson, he had some tightness in his hamstring before the game, tried to give it a go, but was unable to go back out after the first frame. 

Morton was replaced by Jeff Karstens, who was initially scheduled to pitch on Wednesday before the Pirates handed that fifth rotation spot to Morton. Karstens did throw 18 pitches in a relief appearance on Monday, but he should be ready to pitch as if he were making his normal start.

UPDATE: Just learned down in the clubhouse that the hamstring strain was in Morton’s left leg, not right. It doesn’t appear to be anything serious, and in fact, both Morton and manager John Russell believe that Morton should be able to make his next scheduled start, which would be on Tuesday in Minnesota.

Morton said he felt some pain in his hamstring while doing some pregame stretches and running. He did not feel it on the mound while throwing his warmup pitches or in the first inning. However, the Pirates staff was concerned that the righty would not be able to cover first if necessary, which prompted Russell to take Morton out after just one inning.

He is expected to be re-examined on Thursday.


If anyone should be given a chance to start, it should be Tom Gorzelanney. He has regained his velocity and control.
I think starting Morton is a weak attempt to justify the trading Nate McClouth.

The Nate McClouth trade was yet another bonehead move by huntington. He’s an idiot. He should be banned from the city of Pittsburgh and the Pirates should hire someone who really wants the team to win. Maybe Mario Lemieux should buy the Pirates. He may not know baseball, but he couldn’t be any worse than the current owners

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