Nyjer Morgan next to go?

It appears so.

I’ve confirmed that a deal is in the works between the Pirates and the Nationals that would send Nyjer Morgan to Washington and outfielder Lastings Milledge to Pittsburgh. The deal is NOT a one-for-one exchange, I’ve been told, but it’s not clear who else (from either side) would be included.

The deal, which has not been finalized, could come down as soon as today, though as of about 1:45 p.m., Morgan said he had not been informed of anything.

Also, the rumblings out of Indianapolis are that Jeff Salazar is going to be summoned to Pittsburgh, which would only further confirm that Morgan is on his way out. 

UPDATE 2:38 pm: Two baseball sources have confirmed that Washington’s Joel Hanrahan and Pittsburgh’s Sean Burnett will be a part of the deal, if it is finalized.

Nothing has officially been agreed upon yet, as final details are being worked out. Other names have been discussed by the two teams, though it doesn’t appear as if the trade will get any bigger.

UPDATE 2:47 pm: A few details on Hanrahan and Milledge…

Milledge has been working back to full health after breaking his right index finger and having surgery back in mid-May. He was expected to miss six to eight weeks, so would likely be nearing his return soon.

Though Milledge has appeared in only seven games for Washington this season, he does actually have more Major League experience than Morgan. In 897 at-bats, Milledge has a .261 average, 25 homers and 113 RBIs. Milledge was a first-round Draft pick back in 2003, but has yet to reach the hype that has followed him while with the Mets and with the Nationals.

Milledge just began his rehab work with the GCL Nats over the weekend and played his third game down there on Monday.

Hanrahan, 27, has spent the last three seasons with the Nationals. Though he was used as a starter in 2007, Hanrahan has been used exclusively out of the bullpen in the last two years. He is a combined 11-9 with 5.30 ERA in 115 appearances (11 starts).

This season has not been kind to Hanrahan, who has allowed 28 earned runs in 32 2/3 innings of relief (34 appearances).


We Will Miss you Tony Plush Much Love

Very long time Pirate fan. Finally had enough. Tired of trading away players. They wonder why we can’t even play 500 ball. I can understand the big money players, but now morgan. At least keep them until the end of the season to see if they can play winning ball. Should just make PNC park into a minor league park. because that’s what they are. The minor league for the rest of the teams. Go Pens and Steelers

This move is why the pirates are where they are at i think the owners are happy with a 500 club. Morgan had that energy that the club needed we are getting a player in Miledge who has been injured i hope we can trade our GM NEAL FOR ANYBODY

A few years ago we were trying to get Milledge and no one would give him up. Now he’s ready and Morgan was going to be out once … well, anyone in the minors was ready. It’s a good move – Milledge has power and is much younger.

I give up !!! Its over Again we have traded a solid player for injured problem players!! Neal the Huhn must go.. I have had enough of the same crap and this Nut job’s excuse of trying to build a better team. BULL Insanity Which is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I would love to see Wilson, Sanchez, get out you deserve better than this. Why do the pirates fans keep putting up with this? Can’t u see it will never change!

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