Minor Matters

I’m going to keep this brief because I’m trying to enjoy a day off, but here are a few Minor League news and notes that I thought were worth passing along…

  • Indianapolis catcher Erik Kratz earned the MLBAM International League Top Star Award for his 2-for-2 performance in Wednesday night’s Triple-A All-Star Game. Kratz, who started the contest against the Pacific Coast League and batted eighth, had a double and a two-run homer, scored twice and walked once in the IL’s 6-5 win.
  • Kratz’s IL award gives the Indians bragging rights for the second straight year. Center fielder Andrew McCutchen won the honor in last summer’s Triple-A All-Star Game.
  • In the Double-A All-Star Game, it was Altoona’s 1B/OF Jason Delaney who provided the go-ahead RBI in the eighth inning of the South Division’s 5-3 win. Delaney, who started the game as the designated hitter, went 1-for-3 with a walk while playing the entire game.
  • Altoona’s Brian Friday also played the entire game as the team’s shortstop. He went 1-for-4. LHP Daniel Moskos pitched one inning in the contest and allowed one earned run on one hit and three walks.
  • After a three-day All-Star break, Indianapolis returns to action tonight in Pawtucket, R.I. Ian Snell, who is 1-1 with a 0.45 ERA in three starts since being demoted, will make the start.
  • LHP Rinku Singh, one of the two Indian pitchers on the Pirates’ Gulf Coast League team, earned his first professional victory on Monday. He pitched just one-third of an inning and struck out the only hitter he faced. Singh’s professional baseball win is the first for any Indian-born player. Overall, he has allowed four runs on five hits and two walks in three innings.
  • Third baseman Neil Walker continues his work back from a knee injury that he sustained in early June and has now played in eight games with the GCL Pirates. Walker is 5-for-30 with one RBI. He was activated off the DL on Thursday and has rejoined Indianapolis.

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Hey Jen if this is getting to be too much for you, let me know, I may be out of work soon, be glad to take your place. FO might not like all of my opinions, but I guess for the right price I could tone it down a little. Sorry you had to type on your day off??????

not sure how this whole blogging thing works…but i want to buy the pittsburgh priates..yes i said i want to buy the pittsburgh pirates….i have a guy who not only has the money and connections but the sports knowledge to make it work…funny thing is, i am told that there are only 8 teams in mlb that make money…everyone else is losing money….and i am told that making money at it really cant be done unless ur in a big market or baseball finally enacts some rules about spending and salaries that evens out the playing field….i really thing that in this day and age that real fans are dying to go to the ballpark..win or loose…but price and value for that price is keeping them away….the pirates must have a good minor league system cus they keep churning out solid players that they trade away….why cant pittsburgh be competitive on the field? i think they are and they really just dont know it….a few more road wins and they are in the mix…mlb needs to take a good look at the future….i think u can fill the stands in pittsburgh every night…even if watching the game or its outcome becomes secondary…but filling the stands does not necessarily make team profitable so i am told….someone needs to break the mold…give the real baseball fan what they really want…a team that they can identify with and love , win or loose just like the days of old…..modern day baseball and its fans really haven’t changed…whats changed is what has become important to modern day baseball and the people who go to the parks to see it

Congrats to Rinku Singh🙂


Can we get an update or are you still on a break.

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