MLB investigation on Sano not yet over

Major League Baseball has informed teams that its investigation on the age of prized Dominican shortstop Miguel Angel Sano will not be completed until the middle of next week at the earliest, an industry source confirmed late on Saturday.

The source said that teams were informed of this timetable by MLB on Friday. This refutes a report published earlier on Saturday, which cited a source from the Dominican Republic saying that MLB’s investigation had already been completed.

MLB has had been working for weeks now to confirm that Sano is 16 and therefore eligible to sign as an international free agent with any interested club. The Pirates have already completed their own investigation of Sano’s age and were confident enough in their independent findings to make an initial offer to him back on July 2, the first date of the international signing period. The Pirates have not followed that first offer up with any additional one.

Once MLB completes its investigation, other teams are expected to jump into the bidding for Sano, which explains why he has held off from accepting any early offer just yet. The Orioles reportedly have heavy interest in the teenage shortstop, while other reports have had the Twins and Rangers also listed among those interested.

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