General manager Neal Huntington on…

Ian Snell’s situation: “Ian spoke publically about not wanting to come back and it’s tough to bring a player back into a clubhouse with 24 other players when he’s been adamant he doesn’t want to come back. There may come a point in time where we bring him back regardless and hope the increase in stuff and increase in performance will translate here at the Major League level. There’s no doubt he’s gone down there and thrown well.

“Teams still poke around and are hoping that we’re ready to give up on him and just give him away or they’re going to give us their bad contract for what could be deemed his bad contract, but at this point, his four or five strong outings haven’t increased his value. We’re still not ready to just give the guy away. We’re not talented enough and deep enough as an organization to just give away a player that has Major League ability as challenging as it can be sometimes.”

Lastings Milledge’s progression: “He’s an interesting case. We felt like it was going to take some time to make some adjustments that we saw with him. A lot of things have come together pretty quickly. He’s taken to those adjustments quickly. We don’t want to overreact and rush him to the big leagues because he is still coming back from the hand [injury] and his timing should theoretically be off. But he’s swinging just great. He’s worked really hard defensively and to make those adjustments a part of his typical plan. If he does that, sure, he opens the door a lot closer than maybe anticipated.”

Chase d’Arnaud’s injury: “Our hope is to get him back maybe in instructional league or even send him out to play this winter. We’ll make a decision from there to see if there is something we can do this winter to make up for these lost at-bats.”

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