Another goodbye

One thing I’ve always said I like about this job is the fact that you come to the ballpark and have no idea what you might see or what might happen on any given day. I appreciate the absence of monotony.

But over the past year, those you-never-know-what-you’ll-get developments have included seeing plenty of players come and go, saying plenty of goodbyes, and introducing myself to plenty of new faces. So goes the job of a Pirates beat writer, I guess…

However, I felt like I would be remiss not to mention here what a pleasure it was dealing with Adam LaRoche on a daily basis. I know (trust me, I received all your emails) that he wasn’t the most loved guy around. Some were frustrated by a perceived lack of passion and emotion. Some were frustrated by his slow-start tendencies. And some were just downright disapppointed that he wasn’t the savior that he had been built up to be back in January 2007 when the Pirates acquired him from Atlanta.

And on all of those accounts, yes, you certainly had the right to be.

One thing, though, that upon his departure should be made clear: LaRoche had as much passion for the game as anyone else in the clubhous and was more frustrated than any of you during his slumps. He simply did not wear all of that on his sleeve. I had the pleasure of also covering him in Atlanta before he came here, and when it came to dealing with players, there was none better than LaRoche.

He was a consummate professional, always accomodating to the media even when things weren’t going right and one of those players who you could tell cared about you as a person. In fact, after I jokingly asked him in Spring Training to keep me accountable on my workout regimen, I never expected him to do so on a weekly basis. But he did. And genuinely so. That’s the type of guy he was.

How will he fare in Boston? I obviously don’t know. Maybe without the pressure of being one of the guys, he’ll be able to relax and his production will follow. Or maybe what we saw in Pittsburgh is who he is. But regardless, the Red Sox are getting — in my opinion — one of the best professionals in the business.

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Did you not state 10 days ago that Adam was not going to be traded because there was no market for him? Is it not you job to report facts and not to speculate? If you can not report facts, and correct information, why are you here?
In the words of a great coach for many years here in Pittsburgh, ” Its time to move on with your lifes work”. Between your biased “reporting” and the personality of Rocco on the post game radio report, I dont know why I waste my time with this. With management working on improving the onfield product, maybe they need to look at the people reporting on the team too!

I am very glad that Adam is going to Boston. This will be as stupid a trade as letting Jason Bay get away. Watch Adam go on a tear in the AL like Jason has done. I won’t be surprised about forthcoming dunderhead moves by the front office. Might just as well trade the rest of the veterans on the team and field a Class A team against the rest of the league, maybe setting a new record for losses. The other alternative would be for someone who knows baseball and really cares about the sport to buy the team and run the present gang of cretins out of town.

Wow, stoneypoint, that is one nasty comment on a classy post by Jennifer. I think she does a good job reporting. I heard her on the Giants radio pregame show the other day out here in SF, and I thought she was not a homer and gave good analysis. The local sports guy she talked to appreciated her insights on the Freddy situation–they are dying to get him in the orange and black. My one critique on JL is I wish she would post more to the blog, but I understand she has a lot of deadlines.

Dear stoneypoint711 ,

This is a blog. She can speculate. Get over it.

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