Latest on Miguel Sano

Based on the emails that I get, I know a number of you have followed what has turned out to be the saga of Dominican shortstop Miguel Sano.

If you’re curious about where the two sides lie, here is your update courtesy of’s Jonathan Mayo.

Two things especially stand out to me: 1) The Pirates’ initial offer, which so far is the only offer Sano has received, has been pulled off the table. 2) This is a matter that doesn’t look to be settled anytime soon.

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I really feel sorry for you Jenn. You seem like a very good reporter. You cover the game and present the facts in a very professional manor. Just look at it like the rest of the team…learn what you can then go cover some big time baseball because this isn’t it. This is a sorry excuse of an organization. We all love the Pirates win or lose. In a strange kind of way losing makes the fans want a winner even more but it is so obvious to all that this is not really gonna change. I am sure it puts the beat writer in a tough position. Must be hard to come up with positive spins on the Buc’s everyday. Hang in there and I am sure you will find a real major league club soon…just like so many other Pirates have done the last few years.

It has been long overdue for Miguel Sabo and his saga to be settled. The story does not bring any good picture to the respected game. I think the Pirates offer is not completely pulled out of the table and he can still salvage the remaining part. – Jordan

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