September 24: Reds (71-81) @ Pirates (56-94); Karstens to start on Friday

Jenifer Langosch/

It’s not every day that you see military vehicles and law enforcement at every block, but that is the case around here on Thursday. With world leaders expected to start streaming into the city later this afternoon for the G-20 Summit, security is omnipresent. Seeing armored trucks on the highway was certainly a new sight to me.

That said, there were no issues getting to the ballpark. So if you’re planning on coming out to Thursday or Friday’s game, don’t let the Summit stop you. Actually, traffic was much thinner than usual since everyone is staying away.

Plenty of good seats will be available at the ballpark. I promise. Really good chance to catch a foul ball, too.

As for today’s news, notes and randomness…

  • Right-hander Jeff Karstens will make Friday’s start for the Pirates. Karstens obviously isn’t stretched out to pitch deep into the game, but the Pirates are hopeful of getting four innings or so out of him. From there it will be relievers who finish out the game. Russell has plenty of length options available.
  • In order to seal their second winning season at PNC Park, the Pirates would have to go 4-1 to close out the season. The team is currently 37-39 at home and has lost 10 of its last 12 home games. Considering the Pirates have won just three of their last 25 games, getting four wins in the next five days looks seriously daunting.
  • Andrew McCutchen enters Thursday’s game with a 10-game hitting streak, which is his third hitting streak of at least 10 games this year. His longest was a 13-game one from June 11-25. He’ll need to hit safely in the next four games to tie the longest hitting streak by a rookie this season (Florida’s Chris Coghlan).
  • Andy LaRoche is back in the lineup after starting just once in the last six games. He seems to be just about over the illness that has kept him down.
  • Indian pitchers Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh are selling various signed items to try and raise money for their family and village back home. If you are interested in helping out or just want more information, you can go to the blog that they keep

Pirates lineup:

  1. Andrew McCutchen (CF)
  2. Delwyn Young (2B)
  3. Garrett Jones (1B)
  4. Lastings Milledge (LF)
  5. Brandon Moss (RF)
  6. Andy LaRoche (3B)
  7. Jason Jaramillo (C)
  8. Luis Cruz (SS)
  9. Charlie Morton (RHP)

Reds lineup:

  1. Willy Taveras (CF)
  2. Drew Sutton (SS)
  3. Joey Votto (1B)
  4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
  5. Scott Rolen (3B)
  6. Jonny Gomes (RF)
  7. Wladimir Balentein (LF)
  8. Ryan Hanigan (C)
  9. Bronson Arroyo (RHP)

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Ohhhh, Jenifer, Jenifer….I’m sure you’re prohibited from saying so at this NWO-controlled “politically correct” site, but “armored trucks on the highway” are not just an innocent “new sight” but rather very ILLEGAL!! Under both the Posse Comitatus Act (passed around 1870) and the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, the military is PROHIBITED from acting as a Police Force on DOMESTIC soil. And the G-20 meeting does NOT consist of world “leaders” but is actually a cabal of treacherous foreign banking interests, plotting the demise of the US dollar. (God help us ALL in a couple of years when this Nation goes the way of Argentina and Zimbabwe.)

Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh

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