The World Series through my amateur camera lens

Jenifer Langosch/

Promised you that I would offer some pictures from the postseason, so here’s a few to get you started. Since the Pirates didn’t face the Yankees in Interleague Play in 2009, this is my first visit to new Yankee Stadium. Cavernous was the first word that came to mind when I walked in. Extravagant and ritzy would also work, too. But the atmosphere on Wednesday night (at least in the early innings) was second to none.

World Series 007.jpg

The structure, obviously mirrors the old Yankee Stadium in a lot of ways. And what you can’t tell from this picture is that directly behind the spot from where I took this picture, the old Yankee Stadium is undergoing preparations to be demolished.

World Series 008.jpg

Since I arrived six hours before first pitch, there wasn’t much of a crowd gathered yet. In a few hours, however, it will be wall to wall people entering here, which brings you straight into an area that is called the Great Hall.

World Series 001.jpgThis was my view on Wednesday from the auxiliary press box up in the upper deck of the last section in right field. Other than the fact that I couldn’t actually see either of Chase Utley’s home runs go over the right field wall, the view wasn’t bad. You can’t beat the atmosphere of sitting out with the fans, but the persistent rain last night eventually forced me back inside the press workroom, where I had to watch the end of the game on a TV screen.

World Series 006.jpg

Both teams line up for the National Anthem on Wednesday. Simultaneously, a huge American flag was being unfurled in the outfield grass.

CoMo 001.jpg

This obviously isn’t Yankee Stadium, but figured I would throw an NLDS image at you, too. This was taken from a much preferred auxiliary press box location at Dodger Stadium before Game 1 between the Dodgers and the Cardinals. Oh, how I miss that southern California weather.

On a side note, plenty of Pirates connections have popped up during my postseason duties. I saw right-hander Matt Morris throw out the first pitch of NLDS Game 3 at Busch Stadium (yes, he was once a good pitcher). I spoke with Xavier Nady breifly after Game 1 of the World Series in the Yankee clubhouse (he says Hi). And I have watched two former Bucco relievers — Damaso Marte (Yankees) and Ronald Belisario (Dodgers) — pitch so far.

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