Minor League free agent list

By Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

While all the focus at this time of year is on the list of 171 Major League players that have filed for free agency, don’t forget that there is an even bigger crop of Minor League free agents out there looking for work, too. Remember, it’s from the list of Minor League free agents where Garrett Jones was found last winter.

A total of 536 players filed for Minor League free agency recently, including 28 from the Pirates’ organization. (Players are considered as Minor League free agents if they are not on a 40-man roster.)

Here are the Pirates’ 28 Minor League free agents, as listed by Baseball America:

1B: Tagg Bozied, Larry Broadway, Brian Myrow

2B: Josh Bonifay, Ray Chang

3B: Angel Gonzalez

SS: Chris Barnwell, Pedro Lopez

OF: Victor Igsema, Jonel Pacheco, Jamie Romak

RHP: Jason Davis, Eric Hacker, Lincoln Holdzkom, Jorge Julio, Juan Mateo, Scott Nestor, Jeremy Powell, Dionis Rodriguez, Ty Taubenheim, Virgil Vasquez

LHP: Corey Hamman, Bobby Livingston

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