Digesting all this trade talk

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

One word of warning to all those who are spending your day refreshing pages to get the latest from the Winter Meetings rumor mill – don’t jump to conclusions. As GM Neal Huntington noted in his session with reporters on Tuesday, most of the rumors on potential deals/signings never come to fruition. And for that matter, some aren’t even discussed, which makes officials chuckle when they read the rumor on a website.

Huntington confirmed that the club has gotten calls from teams interested in a number of Pittsburgh’s players. Calls, though, don’t mean that a trade is in the works.

Take Ryan Doumit and the Blue Jays, for example. I have gotten confirmation that the Jays, who need a catcher, have put in a call to the Pirates to inquire about Doumit. Initial discussions, though, don’t necessarily mean that talks even ever intensify to the point where specific names are discussed. And it doesn’t necessarily mean a deal is imminent.

Could something eventually be consummated? Absoltuely. The Jays certainly need a catcher, and Doumit is one of the more appealing ones that could be traded. But just digest all thes rumors and unnamed sources carefully before jumping to immediate conclusions.

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