Day 0: Ah, Bradenton

Jenifer Langosch/

Ladies and gentleman… I have found a place that is absent of all that white stuff and instead glowing in sunshine. OK, so I know that is of no consolation to those of you still scraping off your cars and treading through feet-high snow in Pittsburgh. I’m sorry.

But there is more that is noteworthy than the fact that I see grass again, and that’s that we sit just hours from the Pirates’ first official workout of 2010. I stopped by Pirate City after arriving in town earlier today, and yes, it’s buzzing. Most of the pitchers and catchers are already here, and there is not expected to be any visa delays or other reasons why it won’t be a 100 percent turnout on Thursday.

Though you might not believe me, the purpose of this blog posting is not just to brag about warmer temperatures. It’s to let you know some of what you can expect in the 47 days until Opening Day. As always, I’ll be down here for the entirety of Spring Training and bringing you stories, pictures and videos (yes, video) during my stay.

The web site remains your stop for news. You’ll find the usual news stories, plenty of features and a mixture of analysis as the Pirates work to prepare for the season and set their roster. The blog will remain an integral part of the coverage, too. All those sites and sounds and anecdotes that you all have come to crave will be posted here daily. And breaking news will be posted on the blog first.

I’ll snap photos, and I have this nifty flip video camera that I’m going to experiment with. We’ll see what comes of the video (and I make no promises for my skills as a videographer), but I’ll give it a try and link to my creations from the blog. And, of course, you can always get tidbits of news via Twitter.

It seems like a lot of different sources of information, and, no doubt, it is. But I know you are craving some signs of springs, so I’m determined to bring them to you.

Talk to you from Pirate City tomorrow…

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I’m on board for some of your Bucc’s scuttlebutt.

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