May 12: Reds (18-15) @ Pirates (14-19)

Jenifer Langosch/

Attendance hasn’t been particularly good this series, and with more overcast skies and early start, I’m not thinking that Wednesday’s crowd will be much better. Well, there will be lots of school kids (field trip!), so that will help the numbers. The Pirates drew a combined 18,072 for the first two games of the series — and that was the announced crowd. Actual fans through the turnstiles was probably about half that total.

The weather hasn’t helped. I’ll give you that. The Reds are not typically one of the biggest draws, and neither are early week games. So the club has had a number of things working against it. But it’s impossible not to notice the difference between the energy of the Pirates’ opening homestand when the team drew 30,000+ for the first two games and now.

To put the numbers into some perspective, the Pirates have now drawn 278,507 fans in the first 17 home games of the season. That is 21,362 more than were here through 17 games in 2009.


  • Ronny Cedeno confirmed again this morning that he does not have a fractured wrist. His left wrist is very sore, however. Cedeno is not in the linup today and will be reevaluated for this weekend.
  • Making his starting debut for Triple-A Indianapolis, right-hander Hayden Penn allowed three earned runs on eight hits in six innings on Tuesday. He didn’t walk a batter, and he struck out six.
  • We sit less than a month away from the Pirates picking second in the June Draft. And if you’re someone who pays really close attention in the weeks leading up to the Draft, keep this site bookmarked. It will have all sorts of stories/player profiles leading up to the June 7 Draft. I’ll come out with some Pirates-related Draft content closer to that date, but in the meantime, here are three names to keep an eye on: high school RHP Jameson Taillon, high school SS Manny Machado and college LHP Drew Pomeranz. It seems like the consensus is that the Nationals will be taking Bryce Harper with the No. 1 pick.
  • How quiet has the Pirates’ offense been lately? Nearly silent. It has scored just once on six hits in two games this series and has combined for only 10 runs in the last five games. Now that the pitching has found some stability, the offense has gone missing.

Pirates lineup:

  1. Aki Iwamura (2B)
  2. Bobby Crosby (SS)
  3. Andrew McCutchen (CF)
  4. Garrett Jones (RF)
  5. Steve Pearce (1B)
  6. Lastings Milledge (LF)
  7. Andy LaRoche (3B)
  8. Jason Jaramillo (C)
  9. Zach Duke (LHP)

Reds lineup:

  1. Orlando Cabrera (SS)
  2. Brandon Phillips (2B)
  3. Joey Vott (1B)
  4. Scott Rolen (3B)
  5. Jonny Gomes (LF)
  6. Jay Bruce (RF)
  7. Drew Stubbs (CF)
  8. Ryan Hanigan (C)
  9. Homer Bailey (RHP)

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Jen, Jen, Jen,
I was at the game, there were about 800 in attendance, get a clue

stop it Jen, lol,

Jen, there were 600 people in attendance not 4,500, come on, stop it

Longtime Pirates fan (sufferer!) though no longer a Pgh. resident. So I don’t get to hear or read the daily sports news and comments. However, I do hear the negative vibes on ESPN and in the national media with regard to the Pirates and their interminable losing ways. The low attendance is merely an indication of fan disgust with the current state of the once proud franchise. Perhaps a fan boycott of the games will force ownership to take immediate action to right the (Pirate) ship. It certainly seems as if nothing else has worked and the team is already the laughingstock of the sports world. The success of the Steelers and Penguins doesn’t help the situation. Fans expect some “bang for their buck” and bang from their Bucs! They’re getting neither. Selig and MLB seem helpless to bring about a change for the better so the Pirates will remain the doormat of baseball for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile the players go through the motions of being major leaguers with the hope that once June rolls around they may be dealt to a team contending for a spot in the playoffs and, more importantly, more money than they can make in Pgh. The LaRoches, Wilsons, and Sanchezes of the world can’t wait to get out of town. The same will be true of the McCutcheons, Doumits and Joneses. This is frustrating for everybody compounded by the dismal prospects for future improvement because of lack of financial stability. PLEASE! Somebody do something!

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