About that manager search…

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Yes, it is still ongoing.

No, you haven’t missed any news.

In fact, it’s been eerily silent on the managerial front. I would imagine the Pirates would ideally liked to have had someone in place by now since the team is deep into its offseason building plans. The free agent market is open, and player pursuits are something that a manager typically has input in.

As it is now, the Pirates still have two candidates: Clint Hurdle and Jeff Banister. Hurdle interviewed last Thursday, so you’d have to believe that the Pirates have had plenty of discussion over which man is the right man and know who they want. So why no announcement then?

Well, Hurdle is scheduled to interview for the Mets’ manager opening on Wednesday. That appears to be the catch. If Hurdle is the Pirates’ first choice — and this delay of an announcement surely suggests that is the case — the club is stuck in a holding pattern because of Hurdle’s interest in New York’s opening. How long the Pirates will be willing to wait for the Mets isn’t known, but the club’s level of patience will likely be determined by how much they want Hurdle.

So continue to stay tuned. All this waiting doesn’t mean that a decision couldn’t come this week, especially as more should be known after Hurdle’s interview on Wednesday.

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Interview Joe Morgan! If he’s anywhere near good a manager as he was a player, the Bucs will be in good shape. He was one of the smartest players in the game. Besides, how much worse could it get. Give him a chance.

I’m still wishing they would interview Phil Garner… and I’m not the only one.

But if they aren’t interested in that, Clint Hurdle isn’t a bad choice.

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