A journey of a lifetime

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

I have been afforded countless opportunities for adventure, discovery and exploration in my life, and for that I realize I am quite blessed. I don’t do a good job of sitting still for long — not that being a baseball beat writer allows for much of that anyway — so when I do finish one adventure, I always have my eye immediately on the next.

I realize that you don’t come to this blog to learn more about my personal life, but because my next adventure will briefly affect your Pirates coverage, I felt it appropriate to share.

This afternoon I will be getting on an airplane for India, where I will spend much of the next two weeks. I’ve been given a terrific opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage, where I will be involved in a number of projects with the kids. I’ll be teaching and building a library and maybe inspiring some children with big dreams to pursue journalism. I will also be traveling around the country to do some sightseeing.

So how will this affect your Pirates coverage? Well, hopefully not too much. I have left behind a half dozen stories that will be posted over the next two weeks. And all breaking news will be covered by other more-than-capable MLB.com writers. My blog and twitter accounts will be inactive, but I hope that my journey will help me recharge before the start of another long baseball season.

I’m hoping that when I return to Pittsburgh in a few weeks that the Falcons are still in the playoffs and there aren’t two feet of snow on the ground. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Oh, and if I happen to spot the next Million Dollar Arm during my travels, you’ll have the exclusive right here.

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It’s great to hear that you are taking advantage of an opportunity to help those in need. There’s not enough people in the world that are willing to give up some of their precious time and do something for someone else. I’m really glad to hear that you have your head on straight and are living for other people instead of yourself. Your Pirates coverage is excellent, keep up the great work.

-Jon (http://www.mceffect.com)

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