Day 4: Daily Squeeze

Jenifer Langosch/

PJ Forbes and Josh Fields.jpgA nightmarish case of identity theft has slowed me down in getting on the blog today, and for that I apologize. But now that I’m here, let’s jump right in…

  • LHP Scott Olsen hobbled off the field this morning. Fortunately, the early exit from workouts had nothing to do with Olsen’s left shoulder (which has given him problems for the last two years). He felt some tightness in his hamstring during fielding practice, and that ended his day. Olsen will be reevaluated on Friday, though he insisted that this setback is nothing that should keep him off the field for more than a day or two.
  • Camp is almost full, and all players are required to report to Bradenton by the end of the day on Friday. On Thursday, Alex Presley and John Bowker arrived for their first day of workouts.
  • Talked with farm director Kyle Stark today about a number of Minor League players (you’ll see that information trickling out in the coming days), but he was encouraged to report that none of the Minor Leaguers are going to be limited coming into camp. No offseason surgeries or injuries to report.
  • Speaking of Minor League camp, the early group will begin on February 28. The Pirates invited about 30 pitchers and 30 position players to report early. Minor League camp starts in full on March 7.
  • I don’t expect manager Clint Hurdle to be revealing his lineup to us any time soon. He said on Thursday that he’s had many discussions about potential batting orders, but nothing is in pen. Pressed further about Andrew McCutchen’s placement in the lineup, Hurdle suggested that the center fielder could hit third or in the leadoff spot.
  • While Sean Gallagher is a candidate to make the Pirates’ bullpen, the club is not ruling out using him as a starter. If Gallagher starts, it would almost certainly be in Triple-A to begin the year.
  • Slug bunts were a major point of emphasis in workouts today. All the pitchers were working on them, and Hurdle has every intention of pulling out the surprise play during the season.
  • Go here to read more about what baserunning coach Luis Silverio is doing with McCutchen to make him a more effective and efficient baserunner. The Pirates want McCutchen to run, and Silverio thinks he’s identified a few things that can be cleaned up to make McCutchen’s first step quicker.
  • A group of 16 pitchers had their second side session on Thursday. That group included: Charlie Morton, Brian Burres, Fernando Nieve, Chris Resop, Gallagher, Tony Watson, Cesar Valdez, Tyler Yates, Jeff Karstens, Justin Thomas, Brad Lincoln, Chris Leroux, Daniel McCutchen, Ramon Aguero, Daniel Moskos and Bryan Morris.
  • Congratulations go out to Steve Pearce, who was married over the offseason. He joins Pedro Alvarez as one of the newlyweds in the clubhouse.
  • Pirates Charities is hosting the annual Spring Training golf tournament next week. If you are interested in joining former and current players and playing in the event, contact Stacy Morgan (; 941-747-3031).
  • I hope you catch the irony in the photo above, which was snapped by team photographer Dave Arrigo.

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OMG really. No one cares about you identy theft problem. And if Hurldle isn’t tipping his hat to the lineup then what is he talking about below in the link. come on.


Back off dude; you sound like a ten year old with a vendetta. If you have reasoned criticism, make it. Your main objection to Jen seems to be that she is not from Pittsburgh and not currently trashing the team. Relax.

Furthermore, the link you provide is more about the closer than the lineup. Again, relax.

whats your problem jesse? no need to be a jerk off.

Keep up the good work LANGOSCH.

Jesse, Stop throwing a tantrum. It is very unattractive, and the link you posted is irrelevant, which makes your look even less credible — if that were possible.

Thanks for the info Jen. Great pic!

Jesse, Actually, a lot of people care about identity theft. It’s a serious problem. Although, in your case the problem, if it happened in your household, would probably affect you parents. Because I figure all the accounts you use are THEIRS while you observe the world around you in the comfort of your MOM AND DAD’S BASEMENT!!!!

jesse, read my name, repeat for 2 hours.

Ha-ha sorry don?t live in a basement and my parents aren?t with us anymore and haven?t been for a long time. Anyway my problem is if you look at every other MLB site and look at the profile of the blogger they are homers. It?s a token job with allot of raw raw. She is a person who was given this job because another organization went belly up and moved to Washington dc. She has no vested interest in the team. Other than a paycheck. Which isn?t the reason for an official blogger of the franchise? I don?t want her to bash the team. I want her to defend it. Put something out there that is more positive than just writing crap about outside observations. It is a direct reflection of ownership of how and why she was hired. Instead of hiring someone who cares about the organization they decided to go the cheap rout and hire someone who had a track record who couldn?t produce. If she would give some insight, depth, and get involved maybe I would enjoy her discussions. But she doesn?t because she knows it?s true.

I really do understand why you don?t do this. Because the organization doesn?t want you to. But please at least pretend to give a crap about the team and defend them, call people like myself out. Don?t be passive. Have passion. This is what is called constructive criticism. If you do love this team. Then show it. You have the job every pirate fan who wants to be a writer would love to have (I of course do not). You have the opportunity to matter. But you are not using you status. Take advantage man. Take Advantage. As you can see I have been reading for awhile even when you were with the other organization. The people commenting probably didn?t even know that. Just please take this as someone who reads your blog but just wants more effort. Let?s face it nobody would even be commenting if it wasn?t for me right now. It?s true.

Oh and the link i provided yeaterday in the day 3 squeez was about the lineup. The manager said Clutch may be batting third. which was the exact oppisite of what Jen posted. Something about they wernt making comments about stuff like that.

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