Day 15: Orioles @ Pirates (ss); Pirates @ Rays (ss)

Jenifer Langosch/

The team is splitting in two today, with half of the group heading down to Port Charlotte and the other part staying at McKechnie Field for another home contest. Since I still haven’t been able to figure out how to be in two places at once, I’m staying here in Bradenton and will bring you updates from the home contest against Baltimore. Another reporter will fill me in on what happens in the road game, and I will pass that along to you.

Morning news…

  • The soreness Joe Beimel has had in his inner forearm does not appear to be anything serious, the lefty said this morning. He first felt it on Saturday when he overextended his arm while playing catch. Beimel did not pitch on Sunday, as scheduled, for precautionary reasons. His status remains day to day. Said Beimel: “Since yesterday, it’s becoming less and less [sore] to the point where now I really don’t even feel it. I want to go at least a full day until I don’t feel anything in there until I start throwing. I don’t really have to build myself back up because I’ve been throwing for quite a while. It shouldn’t be a problem.”
  • The Pirates have announced their pitchers for Tuesday’s home game. James McDonald will make his spring debut and will be followed by Daniel McCutchen, Chris Resop, Daniel Moskos and Ramon Aguero.
  • I would anticipate that this means Ross Ohlendorf will start Wednesday’s game. By my count, he will be the only starter who hasn’t pitched by the end of tomorrow’s game.
  • Former Pirates manager John Russell will be at McKechnie Field on Monday as Baltimore’s third base coach.This will be the first time he sees the Pirates since being fired at the end of the 2010 season.

Lineups for Orioles @ Pirates:

Pirates: J. Tabata (LF), J. Rodriguez (SS), A. McCutchen (CF), P. Alvarez (3B), L. Overbay (1B), G. Jones (RF), R. Doumit (DH), C. d’Arnaud (2B), J. Jaramillo (C)

Pitchers: P. Maholm, J. Karstens, T. Yates, J. Locke, M. Crotta, J. Wilson, C. Valdez

Orioles: J. Hardy (SS), F. Pie (RF), M. Reynolds (3B), V. Guerrero (DH), A. Jones (CF), N. Reimold (LF), B. Snyder (1B), C. Tatum (C), C. Izturis (2B)

Pitchers: B. Bergesen, R. Drese, K. Gregg, K. Uehara, J. Accardo, C. Rapada, J. Rupe

Lineups for Pirates @ Rays:

Pirates: G. Hernandez (CF), R. Cedeno (SS), N. Walker (2B), M. Diaz (RF), J. Fields (3B), G. Atkins (1B), A. Presley (LF), C. Snyder (DH), D. Brown (C)

Pitchers: B. Morris, F. Nieve, S. Gallagher, A. Thompson, K. McPherson

Rays: J. Jaso (C), J. Damon (DH), E. Longoria (3B), M. Ramirez (LF), B. Zobrist (2B), B.J. Upton (CF), M. Joyce (RF), D. Johnson (1B), R. Brignac (SS)

Pitchers: J. Niemann, A. Cobb, D. De La Rosa, K. Farnsworth, K. McGee, J. Peralta, C. Ramos, R. Swindle, C. Wade

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Great job on this site, Jenifer! The high-resolution pics are excellent. Any chance you will upload more in the future? Thanks!

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