Day 17: Twins @ Pirates; Beimel update

Jenifer Langosch/

Everyone that is not a player was kicked out of the clubhouse early today, as the Major League Baseball Players Association rolled in town to have its annual meeting with the team. That meeting — which comes just months before the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires in December — is expected to take 1.5 – 2 hours.

Until then, here is your morning news…

  • After all that, lefty Joe Beimel actually didn’t finish his MRI yesterday. His recollection of the test was quite humorous, as he described having to contort his arm and swing his head to the side of the machine to hold his arm up into the tube. It worked for a while, but after 20 minutes, Beimel said his arm went numb. Attempts to get feeling back into his arm didn’t work and the doctors eventually ended the exam. Apparently, the doctors got one picture but everything else was blurry since Beimel was moving his arm too much.
  • All this said, Beimel said he actually doesn’t think he’s going to go through the test today. Doctors still don’t believe this is more than a muscle issue, and Beimel reported feeling better on Wednesday. The plan is to take today off and then test the arm by playing catch on Thursday. “Today, I don’t feel it at all,” Beimel said.
  • We might have the quote of the year, too, and it’s only March 2. Said Beimel of this whole MRI fun: “I can play Pacman on my cell phone, but I have to contort my body to get an MRI.”
  • Also caught up with Kevin Hart, who said he was progressing through his throwing program. He still has not had a true side session, though he keeps throwing on flat ground. Hart has had no setbacks, and since he was throwing off the mound before he had to take a step back, he believes his arm is staying strong enough that he won’t have to have a lengthy string of bullpen sessions before he is cleared to get into games. He hopes to be on the mound in the next 7-10 days. His goal is to still be ready to go by Opening Day, though that is in question.


PIRATES: J. Tabata (LF), C. Wimberly (SS), A. McCutchen (CF), P. Alvarez (3B), N. Walker (2B), L. Overbay (1B), S. Pearce (DH), R. Doumit (C), A. Lambo (RF)

Pitchers: R. Ohlendorf (2 innings), T. Watson, J. Hanrahan, J. Veras, M. Crotta, C. Leroux

TWINS: B. Revere (CF), T. Plouffe (SS), J. Kubel (DH), D. Valencia (3B),, L. Hughes (2B), J. Bailey (1B), B. Dinkelman (LF), S. Holm (C), J. Repko (RF)

Pitchers: B. Duensing, M. Capps, P. Neshek, P. Dumatrait, J. Manship, D. Hughes

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I know how Beimel feels, after having my fair share of arm/shoulder/neck MRI(s) and deep joint xrays, it seems they could improve the equipment and techniques.

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