Rodriguez in, Ciriaco out?

Jenifer Langosch/

The Pirates have posted their lineup for Monday’s final Grapefruit League game and perhaps it provides a glimpse into the club’s upcoming roster decisions. In the lineup is Josh Rodriguez (who will be playing 3B); not listed as either a starter or a reserve is Pedro Ciriaco.

Could this mean that Rule 5 pick Rodriguez is going to stick and the Pirates are preparing to send Ciriaco to Triple-A? The Pirates are going to take one or the other, but not both. The club hasn’t announced such a roster move, but you have to wonder if that’s coming.

Also not listed on the lineup card is John Bowker.

Here’s what was scribbled on the bulletin board:

J. Tabata (LF)
N. Walker (2B)
A. McCutchen (CF)
R. Doumit (DH)
S. Pearce (1B)
M. Diaz (RF)
R. Cedeno (SS)
J. Rodriguez (3B)
J. Jaramillo (C)

L. Overbay
P. Alvarez
G. Jones

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I’m disappointed to see Ciriaco sent down. The Pirates had a chance to prove to fans that winning (and the future) was #1. Keeping Rodriguez and Ciriaco while releasing Cedeno would be a good baseball decision. Unfortunately the Pirates haven’t made many good baseball decisions the past two decades.

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