Former skipper lauds McCutchen

Jenifer Langosch/

In much the same way Clint Hurdle has been answering questions about his time in Colorado over the last two days, Rockies manager Jim Tracy — who served in that capacity in Pittsburgh from 2006-07 — had had his fair share about the Pirates.

On Friday, Tracy was asked about Andrew McCutchen. I thought you might be interested in Tracy’s response, which is as follows:

“I’ve never seen the guy go to first base where I didn’t see a full, 100 percent effort every time he hit the ball. That’s a great place to start. When he plays the game, you don’t really know whether the Pirates are winning, losing or whatever. You just know that Andrew McCutchen is out there, this is how he plays, and this is how he’s going to continue to play for nine innings. You’ve got to love that type of player.”

He then added…

“I was with him when he was 18 years old, walking around in our clubhouse when he wasn’t allowed to have a razor. He wasn’t old enough to have a razor. To see this guy grow into becoming the player he has become, he’s a specal kid and he’s been that way since the first day I ever met him. When you sart talking about championship-caliber players, in my opinion that’s the criteria that has to be fulfilled in order to become that type of guy. That’s exactly who he is.”

McCutchen was drafted in 2005 and had ascended to Triple-A Indianapolis by the time Tracy’s tenure in Pittsburgh came to an end.

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