You’re on your own

Jenifer Langosch/

I did not travel to Milwaukee for the team’s upcoming series, nor will I be joining the club in Washington DC on Monday. Rather, look for the blog to get back rolling next Wednesday from Cincinnati.

Day 1 of Spring Training for the Pirates in February also marked Day 1 of  ‘Operation train for a half marathon’ for me. I hope it all pays off on Sunday as I participate in the Pittsburgh Marathon (well, the half part of it) for the first time. Really, really looking forward to spending the morning in the city with thousands of other Pittsburghers. And really, really looking forward to checking the accomplishment off my bucket list.

Do look for a Draft story on on Monday — it’s a piece I have been working on today about the Pirates’ plans with that No. 1 pick. And in the meantime, check out this survey that’s Jonathan Mayo conducted about the Pirates’ pick. I think you’ll find the results quite interesting.

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Best of luck, Jenifer!

I really wish Francisco Lindor was under consideration.

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