Game 63: Mets (31-32) @ Pirates (30-32)

Jenifer Langosch/

Wyatt Toregas makes his first start behind the plate for Pittsburgh tonight. And who knows… it could be his last. The Pirates are very actively looking to add a catcher from outside to provide some stability while Ryan Doumit and Chris Snyder recover from their injuries.

The club is ready to pull the trigger on a deal — when the price is right. To this point, teams have been making silly requests, as manager Clint Hurdle put it, when the Pirates have asked about catchers on both the Major League team and Minor League squads. Teams know the desperate situation Pittsburgh is in and so each is eager to take advantage. The Pirates don’t want to sacrifice their future for a short-term fit, but the club is going to have to eventually pull the trigger on something.

You have to wonder, too, if the Pirates are looking at more than just a short-term catching fit, especially if they are going to be forced to give up anything substantial. Both Doumit and Snyder are in the last year of their contracts and it seems unlikely that the Pirates will pick up either of their club options after the season. Top catching prospect Tony Sanchez probably won’t be ready at the start of next year, so the Pirates could look to get a backstop that will be with the club the rest of this year and next.

New and notes:

  • Ronny Cedeno is out of the lineup for no reason other than to have a night off. His string off 44 straight errorless games at shortstop came to an end on Friday night.
  • Triple-A Indianapolis shortstop Chase d’Arnaud went 4-for-5 with a homer and five RBIs on Friday. He has hit safely in 15 of his last 17 games and has a .410 average during that stretch.
  • Steve Pearce is headed down to Bradenton on Tuesday to continue his rehab. Pearce will keep wearing a boot until then. He did say, though, that he is not feeling the same pain while walking around that he did initially. Pearce, who is dealing with a right calf strain, is one of nine Pirates players currently on the DL.
  • Forgot to bring your attention on Friday to two stories that you might be interested in. The first is a piece by columnist Anthony Castrovince, who was in town on Thursday and looked into what Hurdle is doing to change the culture in Pittsburgh. That story can be found here. The other is a feature column I wrote on Arizona third baseman Sean Burroughs, chronicling his journey back to baseball after a long absence that included a trip through Hell and back. Here is the link to that story, which I found to be similar to the one Josh Hamilton tells.
  • And speaking of columns, if you’re interested in learning more about tonight’s Mets starter, R.A. Dickey, he was the subject of a column I wrote last season. That story is here. Dickey is 2-1 with a 1.85 ERA over his last four starts.


PIRATES: J. Tabata (LF), J. Harrison (3B), A. McCutchen (CF), N. Walker (2B), L. Overbay (1B), G. Jones (RF), B. Wood (SS), W. Toregas (C), J. McDonald (RHP)

METS: J. Reyes (SS), R. Tejada (2B), C. Beltran (RF), D. Murphy (3B), A. Pagan (CF), J. Bay (LF), L. Duda (1B), R. Paulino (C), R.A. Dickey (RHP)

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why not try to lure Brad Ausmus out of retirement- not sure what he is doing, not a great hitter but would be great with this young staff

If they are going to go through the fuss and trouble of coaxing someone out of retirement, at least aim for someone who can hit major league pitching, not Brad Ausmus, gimmie a break.
I’d rather see Manny Sanguillen back there than Ausmus.

Just go the simple route and take a flyer on Ivan Rodriguez. He could at least hit a little, and also be a living example for all the Pirates youngsters about the dangers of steroids.

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