Hurdle on McCutchen snub: “Everybody whiffed”

Jenifer Langosch/

You don’t need any analysis from me on this one. It’s best just to let manager Clint Hurdle speak for everyone in the Pirates clubhouse about the decision not to include Andrew McCutchen on the NL All-Star team. Be sure this decision is not sitting well with McCutchen’s teammates either.

Here is Hurdle, who held nothing back when talking about McCutchen being snubbed:

“I think everybody whiffed on this one. I know the challenges that come from. I sat in that chair, and I know there were managers that were disappointed in me. Well, I’m going to take this opportunity to be one of those managers and be disappointed in the entire process.

“The MLB whiffed, that he is not one of the guys getting to be in this vote thing. They whiffed on that. That’s an absolute whiff. If you’re looking to put your ballclub together and a guy who can come off the bench and do some things, the numbers he has – you can look at metrics, you can look at straight batting average, you can look at OPS, stolen bases – he’s an All-Star.

“The players, they whiffed. Everybody whiffed on this one for me in Andrew’s case. Me being his manager, I’m going to take my little 42 seconds of soapbox and remind everybody of what a whiff job they did on him not being on the team.”

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Can’t wait until the Pirates are taken seriously again. McCutchen is awesome!

what happened to Hurdle’s eye?

He was hit in the right eye by a ball while in the batting cage when the team was in DC.

It’s a travesty. There’s no excuse for not even including McCutchen on the final ballot, much less the team itself. The Pirates haven’t earned respect over the past 17 years, but this year they certainly have, McCutchen especially. It’s bad enough they disrespect the Pirates at All-Star time when they haven’t had a Pirate hit the field during the game since ’07. Now, they keep the best CF in the league off the team and ballot entirely. Bud Selig is 100% useless!!!!

Let’s face it, it is was a BIG mistake. Andrew has had a very good year so far and is improving daily, it seems, but I like his (outward) attitude…he THINKS he is an All-Star anyway. I hope he proceeds to show the rest of baseball in the next few months just how how wrong they were for passing him over. Thanks again for the consistently fine reporting, Jen.

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