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As was the focus of my gamestory from the Pirates’ 3-1 loss to the Reds on Wednesday, the Pirates need an offensive boost. I know many of you are hoping that comes via a trade before the end of the month, but for now, the club at least gets a chance to see what this team can be with some of its critical pieces healthy again.

There could be an influx of as many as five players arriving this weekend, if my count is correct. Here are the decisions that the team is looking at:

  • Steve Pearce — I’m guessing he’ll be up on Friday. He’s already played in a week’s worth of Triple-A rehab games, and he has fared pretty well. Given the offensive struggles of this team, I’d guess Pearce will be playing every day when he arrives, too. His ability to play right, first and third will give manager Clint Hurdle plenty of options.
  • Ronny Cedeno — He has recovered from a concussion and has been playing in Indianapolis this week, too. Given that he didn’t miss nearly as much time as Pearce, Cedeno doesn’t likely need as many rehab games.  While he may not provide a huge lift for the offense, the Pirates will welcome him back on the defensive end.
  • Jason Grilli — The club is expected to finalize its signing of Grilli before Friday, which would mean he’ll be in the bullpen for the series opener against the Cardinals.
  • Jason Jaramillo — He has been taken off the disabled list after playing seven rehab games in the Gulf Coast League. For now, Jaramillo is back with Indianapolis. He caught Wednesday’s game there, and perhaps after he plays on Thursday, the Pirates will be ready to have him join Mike McKenry in the Majors.
  • Pedro Alvarez — He’s healthy, so the decision as to when to bring him up lies with the Pirates. Alvarez has gotten hot this week, and he absolutely has the potential to provide a jolt to this lineup if he can produce like he did the second half of last year. The question remains whether the Pirates believe he’s near that point again, or if they’d rather let him continue to develop in the Minors.

Of course, with every addition there is an equal subtraction. If Jaramillo is called up, Eric Fryer will go down. Chris Leroux seems the likely one to leave when Grilli arrives. Pedro Ciriaco was already packing up his stuff on Wednesday, so the only thing missing is an official announcement that he has been optioned. Pearce or Cedeno would take his spot.

I’m thinking that Chase d’Arnaud might be the one sent back if both Pearce and Cedeno arrive this weekend, only because he has shown he still needs some fine-tuning on the offensive and defensive ends and is a guy that the Pirates want to have consistent playing opportunities. If Alvarez does also come up, you’d have to think Josh Harrison will be back in Indianapolis.

All of this is just educated speculation, of course, but the timing couldn’t be better for some reinforcement. The Pirates play their next 10 games against the Cardinals, Braves and Phillies.

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What is the likelihood they just DFA Wood and keep Harrison on the 25-man when Pedro gets back?

Why would you DFA Wood, when hes better than Harrison?

Wood is better then Harrison, better defense, more pop, plays more positions. And I see no reason to keep Pedro at AAA at this point.

Any chance Jose comes back before August? Was today just merely a cramp and he can play again tomorrow? I would love any information! Thanks Jenifer!! Shad

DFA Overbay before Wood

I agree about Chase. He really has the heart and desire but just was forced to the majors by injuries and inadequate depth. He should be back stronger than ever. I’d keep Wood around as well. I wrote a bit more here on keeping Harrison and Wood over d’Arnaud if it got that far.


what are the chances that we actually get a bat behind pedro when he returns? dont like pena, dont like jackson, would rather see ludwick or willingham in there.

The Pirates need to vastly improve their running.
July 22 game running errors:
– G. Jones stood and watched his single from the batter’s box;
– G. Jones out at 2nd on same play;
– McKenry out by a mile on a short single to center.
Past games:
– out at home when less than 2 outs (McCutheon, others)
— albeit the umps made some mistakes – the strategy must factor that in and be conservative at the right times.

Hello Jenifer My Name is Norman Baerga Born and Raised IN New York City. I’ve Been a Pirates Fan Since 1970. I saw Them Beat The Orioles In ’71 & 79 When They Known as The LUMBER CO. As You Well Know This Year They Have Been Playing Good Ball Both The Pitching as Well as The Offense. My Reason For This Comment is We (the Fans) and The Club Could Use an Uplifting Something New To Cheer,I would LIke To Suggest a New Moniker “THE JR. LUMBER CO.” For This Year.Frankly I Find It Appropriate, I hope You Do as Well. Let’s Try It It May Just Catch On………….Thanking You IN Advance..Norman…………MY E-Mail

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