With the Trade Deadline approaching…

… here are a few thoughts/items of notes.

  • The Pirates’ signing of Jason Grilli, which might not be finalized until tomorrow, is not the impact move the Pirates are looking to make over the remaining 11 days of the month. The club obviously feels like Grilli is an upgrade over some of their current options (I’d imagine he’ll take Chris Leroux’s spot in the bullpen), but the Pirates are still actively, actively looking for late-inning relief help.
  • From what I’ve heard, I get the impression the Pirates feel that they have a better chance of adding a late-inning reliever than they do a really impactful middle-of-the-lineup bat. Don’t get me wrong — both are priorities. But the asking price on some of the best hitters available is likely to be too high for the Pirates to budge. There are more relievers available, and the Pirates are looking hard for someone who could set up Joel Hanrahan.
  • Until the Pirates proved that they were serious contenders, it was long thought that Paul Maholm could be on his way out at the deadline. You have to wonder if that’s still a possibility. Obviously, losing Maholm would put a dent in a terrific rotation. But his value has never been higher, and if you want to land an impact hitter, could Maholm help bring you that type of return? It’s interesting to consider. One thing that is certain is that Maholm has not been approached by the Pirates about beginning negotiations on a contract extension. Maholm has said publically that he would not be opposed to talking about a new deal during the season. He is in the final guaranteed year of his contract.
  • You can read more about Maholm’s situation here.
  • Also, don’t forget that all MLB.com writers are contributing to a Trade Deadline blog from now through July 31. That blog, which is updated regularly, can be found here.

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