Perhaps it can be called robbery

Jenifer Langosch/

On July 26, 2008, GM Neal Huntington asked everyone to be patient, to not jump to conclusions about the return the Pirates netted for Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte. On the three-year anniversary of that trade, there is absolutely no need to wait any longer when it comes to determining the “winner” of that Pirates-Yankees deal.

Fitting that Jeff Karstens is on the mound on the anniversary, as he is one of the four players Pittsburgh received in that trade. Karstens, along with Daniel McCutchen, Ross Ohlendorf and Jose Tabata, have all contributed to the Pirates to varying degrees at varying points over the past three years. Since the deal, Nady and Marte have spent as much time on the disabled list as they have on a Major League roster.

Take those four players out of the Pirates’ picture and this team is not sitting in a pennant race — and probably not even above .500 — right now. This isn’t to say that all of Huntington’s deals have been fruitful (where is that return for Jason Bay?), but it is a reminder to not always judge a trade by its immediate reward.

Here is a look at the numbers of the six players involved in that Pirates-Yankees trade three years ago. Remember, too, that the Pirates have all four of their players under control for multiple more years.

Nady: 191 games, .257 batting average, 27 doubles, nine home runs, 65 RBIs

Marte: 6.02 ERA in 76 games with Yankees/27 walks, 49 strikeouts

Karstens: 17-27 with 4.17 ERA in 95 games (58 starts)/ 104 walks, 208 strikeouts

Ohlendorf: 12-24 with 4.24 ERA in 57 starts/114 walks, 207 strikeouts

McCutchen: 6-8 with 4.39 ERA in 79 games (15 starts)/ 54 walks, 85 strikeouts

Tabata: 173 games, .285 batting average, 35 doubles, seven home runs, 33 stolen bases

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let’s just say it like we saw it that was the most screw up %$#@*#@ call I ever saw , calling the play at the plate safe someone need’s to drug test the home plate umpire. what a very bad call

I watched the entire game and to have it end that way is just wrong! It was clear that the ump just wanted to go home, so he thought of a way to end it. He should be fined, suspended or even fired for such a call. What does that say about how games are decided? The umpires have been bad this year, but this was the worst call I”ve ever seen. He was hot, tired and worn out from the long game. This is a good arguement for instant replay if there ever was one. It should be mandatory that in extra inning games, instant replay is a must. Fire this umpire! I don’t even want to watch another game on tv, or even go to a game if the umpires can just decide games. Do something Bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Buccos were clearly robbed in the bottom of the 19th inning when Pirates third baseman Pedro Alvarez threw out Atlanta’s Julio Lugo at home plate. The throw from Alvarez accurately reached Pirates catcher Michael McKenry’s glove as McKenry applied a perfect tag before Lugo ever touched home plate. The home plate umpire Jerry Meals was absolutely in error in ruling Lugo safe. The video of the final play shows without question an officiating error by Meals. After writing this, I will call the baseball commissioner’s office and demand that the game be replayed. All Bucs fans should call the baseball commissioner’s office and demand that this game be replayed. Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig’s office phone number is 212-931-7800.

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