Maholm discusses lingering shoulder discomfort

Jenifer Langosch/

Pirates lefty starter Paul Maholm admitted on Saturday that he has been bothered by a left shoulder strain for some time now. Maholm couldn’t pinpoint an exact date as to when the discomfort first surfaced, but it has been lingering. He said he’s pitched through similar discomfort in past years, but with his arm not improving recently, he felt this time it was necessary to shut down.

“It has been there for a little bit and it’s gone away and come back,” Maholm said. “Obviously, I don’t want to just keep pitching to pitch and do anything major to it. I wasn’t able to bounce back and able to get it gone completely. It’s more frustrating than anything. Obviously, I could probably still go out there and pitch because I was pitching on Wednesday. But I don’t think I’d be as effective as I need to be.”

Maholm said he is optimistic he will pitch again this season, though he’s beginning a period of rest at this point. While it’s likely that the shoulder strain had something to do with Maholm’s second-half struggles, he refused to blame his shoulder for any of the poor starts that he made.

“I’ll take responsibility for every start. I’m not going to throw my shoulder into it,” Maholm said. “It’s me going out there and pitching. I’ve pitched through it this season and have had some great starts. It’s just kind of on and off for the past little bit to where I haven’t been effective. The team needs to have someone out there who can win games. Going four or five innings every start is taxing the bullpen.”

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