Figures for Jose Tabata’s contract extension

Jenifer Langosch/

The six-year contract extension Jose Tabata has signed will earn him the following salaries. Note that this deal restructured Tabata’s 2011 salary.

2011: $500,000
2012: $750,000
2013: $ 1 million
2014: $3 million
2015: $4 million
2016: $4.5 million

He will also receive a signing bonus (paid out in 2011) worth $1 million. This brings Tabata’s guaranteed total to $14.75 million.

The three club options that can be exercised by the team are as follows:

Club option for 2017: $6.5 million
Club option for 2018: $7.5 million
Club option for 2019: $8.5 million

There is a $250,000 buyout attached to each option year if it’s not exercised.

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