The offseason awaits

Jenifer Langosch/

This blog post would be lacking if I didn’t begin it with a big and sincere thank you.

Thank you to you, the readers, for making a job that is already quite enjoyable even more so. Your interaction and feedback was critical in helping to direct coverage this season, and your passion for this team and for this sport is second to none. I saw that at the ballpark all summer, and I heard it through the hundreds of emails I received all season long.

The good news is that while pitchers and catchers won’t be reporting to Bradenton, Fla., for a little more than four months, coverage of the Pirates is certainly not stopping here. There is probably no question I get more often than ‘What do you do during the offseason?’ Turns out there really is no off in offseason when it comes to covering a Major League club.

News will be thin in October, as it is all across baseball. But once November hits, you can expect daily stories on The blog will also be an integral part of coverage all winter long, too, as will Twitter. I’ll be spending much of the next month covering the postseason and if there are Pittsburgh connections in the series I am assigned to, I will bring those to you, as well.

Plans are to have a weekly Inbox all winter, and we’ll begin that with the next edition on Monday. To submit questions (and I would suspect there will be plenty of them), email me at Please include your first name, last initial and hometown.

If there is anything else in particular that you want to ensure is a part of the offseason coverage, don’t hesitate to make the suggestion. Remember, I do this job for you.

Thank you again for your faithful readership. I enjoyed the ride and – despite the team’s final record – I hope you did, too.

— Jenifer

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Jennifer – you do a WONDERFUL job on here! Thank you so much. Everytime I read something and know the information isn’t correct I look up and see someone else’s name…

I am REALLY interested in the future of this team, and for the next several months that involves issues like “who is up for arbitration?” and “who is out of options?” I know you will get to those things, but the sooner the better.

As soon as I saw the final out last night I went into mourning, so the more you can do to keep us fed these next 4 months, the happier we will be. Thanks again!

A tweet is not reporting.

Thanks for your stories, I enjoyed folowing them. Four months, oh man I hate this time of year.

Jen: Thanks again for another excellent year of reporting on the Buccos. Although they did the usual disppointing fade at the end (well, since Atlanta anyway!), there may be some hope for redemption next year. I’m not suggesting playoffs but perhaps a little bump up to .500 ball. I mean, why be greedy after all these years?! I’ll take incremental steps, I suppose.

But truly, thank you again for all you do. I think many of us take it for granted but a scribe’s life following a ballclub around can’t be all fun. Uprooted as much as the ballplayers, I guess, is your lot in life but I always look forward to a note from you nearly every day during the season. I do get disappointed when you don’t chime into this blog daily, but for those of us who do not Tweet, we must accept whatever we get.

So…thank you. Please have a terrific off-season, enjoy your life once more, and thanks again for changing the border color around this blog! Much, much better and I think you did that within the first few days! The gold was blinding me!



Thank you for all the work you do covering our team. I follow on Twitter and keep up on the blog as much as I can. I hope to participate a little more from this point on, but I just wanted to tell you thank you, again.


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