On location in Dallas

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

At the moment, there is no substantial news to report from the Hilton Anatole, which is the site of this year’s Winter Meetings in Dallas. GM Neal Huntington will meet with members of the Pittsburgh media at 3:30 pm each day, so you can look for another update after that session.

As has been rehashed way too many times already, the Pirates are still actively looking for starting pitching help and a first baseman. Derrek Lee will have to make a decision about his arbitration offer by midnight on Wednesday, so the Pirates have their hands tied a bit until then. It would make no sense to sign another first baseman if Lee is still contemplating an offer.

The starting pitching market has been slow to develop, and it’s not that exciting a group of names to choose from. But as is the case every year, there could be a diamond in the bunch. It’s just a matter of being the club that finds it.

While I don’t anticipate the Pirates being all that active in the free agent market this week, there is always the chance that they pull off a trade. With so many baseball front office people in the same hotel, there is constant talking and surmising going on. And since the free agent market isn’t an especially strong one in the areas where the Pirates are looking, a trade might be the best way of addressing their biggest needs.

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It will be interesting to see what happens this week.

Put Manny back behind the plate!

How about build around Pujols?!!!

I keep hearing about interest in Aaron Cook and Jeff Francis for starting pitching options. But personally I think Huntington needs to go out and do a better job at getting a more suited front of the rotation guy to complement Correia (who is not fit to be a #1 guy as we noticed this past season), Morton, McDonald, Karstens, Owens/Locke/Lincoln. Granted, Correia was obviously pitching at an All-Star level prior to the All-Star break, but to contend the Buccos need longetivity and depth in their rotation. Also, we do not even know if Charlie will be ready for the start of the season with the surgery he had. So I definitely do not think Cook and Francis are the answer. I don’t care if FIVE YEARS AGO Francis was 17-9 and 2.2 WAR guy with the most innings pitched in a season for his career. He missed the entire 2009 season to boot with a dismal 6-16 record and 1.4 WAR this past season. Cook is even worse with his 3-10 record, 6.03 ERA, and 0.2 WAR this past season. I don’t care if he was an All Star in 2008 either. I would rather wanted Huntington to spend the extra money for more reliable and solid starters like Erik Bedard or Edwin Jackson than Aaron Cook and Jeff Francis. Signing either of the latter two still would make the Pirates rotation without a #1 starter and a guy that take on the workload that Maholm did

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