Rule 5 preview

Jenifer Langosch/

By releasing right-hander Ross Ohlendorf late Wednesday night, the Pirates have opened up a roster spot in case they want to take a player in the Rule 5 Draft. I won’t pretend to be an expert on this Draft, since it includes players most don’t know much about. But I will send you to Jonathan Mayo’s piece on that lists some of the likeliest players to be taken.

The Pirates pick eighth in the Draft. According to Mayo, pitcher Diego Moreno seems the likeliest playerfor the Pirates to lose. Moreno was left unprotected by Pittsburgh, but has had a great showing in winter ball this offseason.

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Well we didn’t lose Moreno and we picked up a ML SS Nunez and also a LHP and 2 catchers in the Minor League phase……

Now that the Angels have Pujols I say offer Pedro to the Angels for Trumbo or Morales….

So now that the Angels have inked Pujols, I would like to see the Pirates try to draw Trumbo or Morales away from them. Though neither are spectacular fielders (I think it is a wash on defense comparing either to Jones) both are serviceable; they are ML-capable bats and have HUGE upsides in offensive department. Hague could be good in a few years, but not an ML-capable bat yet.

And both have proven they can hit ML pitching, unlike Pedro… I am concerned with his weight too…….

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