A look at arbitration figures

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Garrett Jones and Casey McGehee are the only two arbitration-eligible players who have still not signed with the Pirates. They have exchanged figures with the team and here are those figures:

Jones, who made $455,500 in 2011, has asked for $2.5 million. The Pirates have submitted a salary of $2.25 million. McGehee, who made $478,000 in 2011, has asked for $2.725 million. The Pirates have submitted a salary of $2.35 million.

Both players can continue to negotiate with the club all the way up until their arbitration hearings, which will be scheduled sometime during the first three weeks of February.

For those who may have missed it, the Pirates came to terms on one-year deals with Joel Hanrahan ($4.1 million), Jeff Karstens ($3.1 million), Evan Meek ($875,000) and Charlie Morton ($2.445 million) already this week.

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Karstens salary is a steal. I can’t believe so many people fall for that metrics crap that says he shouldn’t have been so good and that he’s due to regress. I bet he does even better in 2012.
He always had the talent, threw strikes, got ground balls, even when he had down years. The Pirates mis-used him ever since they acquired him, with the previous management not having a clue how good he was capable of being.

I’ve always believed in Karstens and to me he is the ace of that staff and will continue to be as long as he is healthy. And for what they are paying him they should get down on their knees and thank God. I think they are fools if they trade him mid-season with a belief that he is “going to regress because of his metrics”.

It wouldn’t be the first time they give away a solid ball player though, that’s backed up by facts. Jose Batista anybody? Jason Schmidt? John Tudor to the Cardinals for Joggin’ George Hendrick? Willie Randolph, Kenny Brett & Dock Ellis to the Yankees for Doc Medich? The Pirates have always notoriously mis-evaluated their players, regardless of the regime. I been around Pittsburgh since 1970, nothing gets by me, even if the press of this town has no memory, or more appropriately, wasn’t paying attention in the first place.

That press comment wasn’t a knock on your reporting, Jennifer. You have been awesome. It was more directed to the 70’s through 90’s sports reporters of Pittsburgh. Back in those days it was all Steelers & Pens with a tiny 2 minute segment on the Pirates. And I meant manager when I said management, referring to John ‘dull as white gravy’ Russell.

Granted, there is a way to use Karstens. He is best as a starter, but you can’t leave him in past the 7th inning, and there is nothing wrong with that. At least thats a lot longer than James ‘5 inning’ McDonald can go. Once a manager grasps that, he can’t go wrong with Karstens.

Oops, you are a one ‘n’ Jenifer…Sorry!

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