The Final Farewell

Jenifer Langosch/

By now, hopefully most of you have read this and/or this, both of which were announcements to let you know that I am leaving the Pirates beat. Well, today is officially my last day providing Pirates coverage.

Beginning tomorrow, you will get your Pirates new from Tom Singer, a veteran sportswriter who joined long before me. He will maintain his own blog ( and you can follow him on Twitter @Tom_Singer. You will also obviously quickly become familiar with his byline on the main site.

Thank you again for making my job so rewarding over the past five years; it has been an honor bringing you Pirates news. And remember, I’m not going far. If you ever have any interest in reading about the Cardinals, I hope you’ll come find me at

All the best,



Sorry to see you go, but understand that you are headed back to a place you are very fond of. You did a great job – I thoroughly enjoyed your insightful comments. All the best to you for the future.

Best of luck to you….

Congrats on worst to first. Sorry to see you go.

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