From a lasting impression to a first one

Jenifer Langosch/

There was a moment last fall when I stopped typing, put my notebook down and simply did everything I could to take it all in. It was the only way to completely appreciate the night of October 27.

I have been fortunate to attend several memorable sporting events – some as a fan, some as a journalist covering them. But there was a time that night when I realized that this one rose above all others. The script was improbable, a writer’s dream. The ending, truly incredible.

By now, you all know where I was that Thursday evening. Some of you were there, too. The rest of you watched on TV.

And at the time, I never expected to be back so soon.

For the last five years, I’ve had the opportunity to cover the Pittsburgh Pirates for I’ve been fortunate, too, to be asked to assist with’s playoff coverage. This past fall, that meant working alongside Matthew Leach during the National League Championship Series and the World Series.

And so my season essentially ended in St. Louis.

I was writing.

You were celebrating.

Well, I’m back now. And for good this time.

You likely have already heard/read about Matthew Leach’s well-deserved promotion within He’s off to New York City to take on a broader writing role, and I wish him nothing but continued success there. As for me, I’m up for the task of doing all I can to fill his shoes.

Returning to Missouri is a bit of a homecoming for me, as I spent four wonderful years in Columbia. The pursuit of a journalism degree brought me to Mizzou, though I learned plenty of other life skills while I was there — among them this idea that it is never appropriate to capitalize the ‘k’ in kU, since it is neither a proper place, nor a proper noun.

(You bet I’m ready for Saturday night.)

I am excited to be back in Missouri and thrilled about the opportunity to cover another team in the NL Central. Now seems as ideal a time to step in as any, too, given that this club has just endured an offseason of change and transition.

My journey starts today, and I look forward to sharing it with you. One of the most rewarding parts of my job in Pittsburgh was creating and sustaining relationships with readers there. I hope — and expect — to do the same here.

You can start by bookmarking this blog, as it will be an integral part of helping bring you news. You can also follow me on Twitter @LangoschMLB. And, of course, you can will quickly grow accustomed to seeing my byline on The coverage will pick up when I arrive in Jupiter, Fla., two weeks from now, though there will be plenty of fresh content spilling out before then.

Also, never hesitate to get in touch or suggest items that you would like to see regularly on the website. My job is to serve you, to be your eyes and ears regarding all things Cardinals. I am looking forward to integrating myself into Cardinal Nation and providing you with the comprehensive coverage that you have come to expect and deserve.

Indeed, it is good to be back.

Jenifer Langosch


Welcome aboard Jenifer!

Looking forward to reading your coverage. More importantly right now is looking forward to Saturday night’s game against kU. Loved the kU joke. I know there is no rooting in the press box, but glad the new Cards beat writer is also a fan of the Tigers!

Welcome to Cardinal Nation Jennifer !

Well said! Matt did a great job, so she has huge shoes to fill. i wish her luck though and as a true Cardinal fan, we must give her the same applause that we give the opponents when they do some thing well. And soon enough, she will be one of us!!!

I have to be honest with you and let you know that you have a task at hand in earning the respect of most cards fans here. I’m sure you will do a great job but be aware that the expectations are much higher with cards nation. Not that you care but I think I will stick with leach for awhile. Good luck and I will be looking out for some legit and informative insight coming from your corner.

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Don’t let Redbird girl discourage you. Yes, Cardinal Nation have high expectations, BUT we are also receptive to new people. I’m sure you will do just fine here. I followed some of your posts after Matthew told us he was leaving and you will do just fine!!

that was perfectos1899 sir not redbird girl i welcome JL to cardinal nation

Welcome to Cardinal Nation. Do you have an RSS feed for this site? Or did I just miss it?

If I set it up correctly, you should be able to find the RSS feed on the bottom of the sidebar to the right. Hope that helps.

Awesome! Thanks! Looking forward to reading your blog from out here in Oregon!

Welcome, Jenifer! Look forward to your coverage.

Welcome back to Missouri Jenifer, and I hope you’re excited to cover the best baseball team in the league. It’s only right that the Cards should be covered by a missouri girl. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we’re all looking forward to reading your articles, and seeing what kind of insight you can provide about our franchise. It also looks like we’ll have the prettiest MLB reporter in the league now as well. It’s great to be a Cardinals fan!🙂

Welcome aboard Jenifer, congratulations on your promotion, you just went from being mathematically eliminated on opening day to Defending World Series Champions!!

Congrats on the new job and welcome to Cardinals nation. I look forward to following your work. Enjoy the season and St. Louis!

Welcome on board Jenifer!

As long as you know a bit about WAR, BABIP, and xFIP, and avoid talking about wins, saves, and RBIs as measures of ability, you’ll do fine with the SABR crowd….

Go Tigers.

Welcome and congratulations! I hope to meet you when we head down from Virginia to Jupiter for Spring Training. Can hardly wait!


Welcome. You are right you do have big shoes to fill but I am sure you are capable of doing just that. I look forward to reading your insight on the Cardinal team.

Welcome Jenifer! I’m a Cards fan living near Pittsburgh and have enjoyed reading your blogs on the Pirates for a few years now. I’m tickled that you’ll be the new Cardinals blogger. I hope it’s a more exciting job for you. Not every year is as exciting as last year of course (how could it be?) but the Cardinals are the most entertaining team in the game (yeah, says me) and it’s great to be around them. Good luck!

Welcome, Jenifer. I’m sure you’re used to all the guys who think “girls” can’t write about baseball. Not all of us SABR-ites care about WAR ands all the other obscure stats–most of us care about baseball as a part of history and culture. Looking forward to your coverage of the best team in baseball.

Welcome! Please refrain from giving us any @@#%%$$ “Playlists”!!

Welcome Jen. For a different perspective, I hope you will visit the Birds on the Bat forum at: It’s the home of thinking Cardinal fans who don’t always swallow management’s version of events. We have our crackpots but the knowledge level is high and the discussion is lively…you might even learn a thing or two. Thanks.

I turned the ripe old age of 59 on October 27th, so Mr. Freese supplied me with one hell of a birthday present. Outside of events involving family, there are few moments in my life that rival that night. Simply amazing.

On October 20, 1982 the Cardinals won the World Series. It was my 15th birthdays and one of the greatest memories of my life.

Welcome Jen. I loved Matthew’s comments and mailbag, and look forward to yours as well. Only 11 more days until the World Champion St Louis Cardinals (has a nice ring to it) pitchers and catchers report. And we don’t capitalize the K either in ARKANSAS!

Welcome to a real baseball city – we play winning baseball here, which will be a nice change of pace from covering the putrid Pirates.

Welcome!!! Was a big fan of Matthew, and tweeted back and fourth with him several times during games. I look forward to following you on here and Twitter and getting to know and enjoy your writing style and information provided. Welcome to Cardinal Country!


Welcome Jennifer. As a New Jersey lifelong Cardinal fan, I look forward to your updates !!

Welcome to the opposite end of the spectrum in the NL Central!

I was at game 6 for my 24th birthday with my father, it was the first world series game for both of is despite my father being a Columbian native and a lifelong cardinals fan. Im active duty navy and and i was home on leave for my birthday and i cannot imagine any birthday to come will ever top that one. My dad wanted to leave at the end of the sixth that night, and i told him straight up that i had drove too damn far and paid too much money to just leave the game and there was no way in hell given those circumstances that the cardinals were going to let me down. It was indeed a night to remember. Im a diehard cardinals fan and i catch every article and every game i can, i look forward to reading everything you have to write this year!

Thank you for your military service. Hope the Cardinals (and continue to be a welcome distraction for you and others who are serving our country.

Consider this my “official” welcome! We’re very happy to have you as a part of the team. I hope the end of last season was just a taste of the journey Cardinal Nation will take you on! Looking forward to your insight throughout this season filled with fresh faces and new challenges.

Welcome to Cardinal Nation Jennifer!First off,I would like to say it is AWSOME that we have a talented lady writting about Cardinal baseball :)Second, I am excited and looking foward to reading your coverage.Wishing you the best of success and Goooo RedBirds!!!

Jenifer, it’s nice to know a fellow Mizzou j-grad will be covering the Cards on a daily basis. I follow the Cards daily up here in Iowa. Hopefully, you’ll have a few more W’s to write about than you’ve had in Pittsburgh! Best wishes, Dave B, Des Moines, IA BJ ’76.

Welcome to baseball heaven. You have a huge responsibility and a great opportunity. Of all my best wishes for you the most important is that you enjoy your work. If you enjoy writing about the Cardinals, most of us will enjoy reading what you have to say. Good luck !

You go, Jen. This was my dream job when I was your age. Good luck!

Welcome Jen! Even so I live in Guatemala! I’m Cards fan since 1980 and I’ll be forever!
I hope this one will be a good year for You as for Me. I’m going to go to Miami on April 4th just to see the game Cards vs Marlins😀

Welcome Jen! Want to invite you to come down here to Springfield Mo and meet my “baby birds”. I have developed a love affair with the minor leagues and feel like a proud grandma when one of our boys “fly up” to St Louis or another major league team. Hope you make it down for the game with the big boys April 6. Look forward to following you.

Good luck Jen. I’ll be reading.

Welcome to the NATION! Here you will not find the average fan. Cardinal Nation inhabitants come with the knowledge of how to score a game and perhaps have notebooks full of past years play by plays! Brush up on your scorecard skills and have a great ride!

Don’t you worry. I’ve been keeping scorebooks since I was seven. Yes, I was that kid.

Welcome to Cardinal Nation where the Cardinals are almost a religion. I’m looking forward to your fresh perspective and insights. Hope you are here for a good long while.

Congratulations and good luck on your new position here in Cardinal Nation and as a #1 Cardinal fan I welcome you! I will be looking forward to reading all of your insights, information and updates that you can provide us. Enjoy your time in Jupiter and keep us posted on all happenings.

Are you on twitter? I had a blast following all the St. Louis writers last year.

Bob, her Twitter handle is @LangoschMLB.

Congratulations! As a fellow writer (though not a sports writer…yet!) and a HUGE St. Louis baseball fan, I am looking forward to keeping up to date on “All Things Cardinals.” You’ll do great!

Scratch that last post… found it

Congratulations and welcome to the greatest baseball city and organization in the world.

Jenifer, as a Cardinal fan that lives in Pittsburgh you where great covering the Pittsburgh Team. Look forward to you seeing your writing for the team that I love. Welcome back to real baseball!!!

Welcome, Jenifer. I’m a long-time Cardinal fan – grew up listening to them on radio because my dad would never miss a game. Knew the last season was going to be tough, but kept the faith and voila! World Series Champs! Will enjoy reading all you have to write about the best baseball team and city ever.

Hi Jennifer, Welcome to Cardinal world from Houston. Last year was wonderful! Everyone here was with Texas except me. I love being in Texas but I love being a Cardinal fan even more.

Jennifer, WELCOME, from California Cardinal Nation. I was born and raised in St Louis and grew up with the greatest Cardinals journalist, announcers and anything else that had to do with the greatest baseball organization in the world. I have two kids who are Cardinal fans(yes we flew in for the WS) as well as make all their games on the West Coast trips. We watch every game on Direct TV(except on Saturday where we sit and listen to Mike Shannon on radio). Jennifer, we hope to meet you when you make the West Coast trip and yes, you have big shoes to fill, but you will have the complete support of Cardinal Nation.

Welcome, indeed! You must be “floating on air” returning to Missouri where you not only “work” on reporting all things Cardinal, but can occasionally zip over to Columbia to reconnect with you Mizzou roots (I have them, also) and really follow Mizzou sports up close and personal.
I get the impression, though, that you are not a native Missourian. Where do you call “home?” I’m a native Missourian, transplanted to Texas the past (nearly) 35 years. Go, CardBirds!! CHAMPS!!

Though born just outside of Washington DC, I spent most of my childhood in Marietta, GA. I guess that would still be considered home, though I haven’t lived there for quite some time.

Well then, welcome back to Missouri! But is it permissible for a Texan to welcome someone back to Missouri? Anyway, I hope you stay a long, long while this time!

Wish you the very best, we love Cardinal baseball!!!

Welcome. Looming forward to your coverage and insight.

looking sorry

As a loyal Pirates fan since the ’60s, I’ve always been envious of the Cardinals for their extremely loyal and passionate fans, not to mention being envious of the organization’s ability to provide those fans with a competitive team year in and year out. Now I’m envious that you have Jenifer writing for you. She left us in the very good and talented hands of Tom Singer, but we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for Jenifer.

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