Day 2: ‘Bird Seed

Jenifer Langosch/

I had to laugh during my 12-minute commute this morning when, in some panic, the radio commentator warned of today’s forthcoming cold front. Yeah, it only got into the low 70s today. Perhaps these full-time Floridians need a dose of perspective when it comes to their weather analysis.

I mention this not to rub in the fact that I was again in short sleeves, but more so to note that the weather has been tremendous since the start of camp. There will eventually be those obligatory rainstorms and a few summon-the-sweatshirt days, but so far sunny skies have draped Spring Training here in Jupiter.

Today’s schedule was much like Day 1… only flip-flopped. Those pitchers who threw on Sunday did not throw off the mound on Monday. Instead, they spent time engaged in fielding drills, bunting drills and conditioning work. With Day 2 wrapped up, all 30 pitchers have now thrown their first Spring Training bullpen session. You should be encouraged, too, that none of those sessions were cut short for any reason.

On this afternoon, you’ll find a notebook led with information about Allen Craig’s recovery. Use this link to access that story. There will also be feature on top prospect Shelby Miller for you to enjoy. I was curious about these maturity issues I’ve heard some about, and Miller candidly addressed them.

As for other news/notes of the day…

  • One of these days I’m guessing manager Mike Matheny will get tired of the questions about how he can possibly follow in Tony La Russa’s footsteps. For now, though, the new skipper appears to be embracing the role of successor. He noted on Monday that he actually texted La Russa before the first pitchers/catchers workout to thank him for his impact in his life and his legacy within the organization. There was obvious sincerity in the gesture.
  • Mark Jon Jay down as the latest position player to arrive. Most of the veteran position players have yet to show up in camp yet, though their first official workout isn’t until Friday.
  • Both Skip Schumaker and Tyler Greene were out on the field taking infield grounders with Jose Oquendo. The pair make up two-thirds of the second base competition.
  • Scott Linebrink threw 45 pitches in his first bullpen session as a Cardinal and reported feeling great afterward. Signed to a Minor League deal on Feb. 10, he was the final name added to the camp roster.
  • The full group of 15 pitchers to throw on Monday is as follows: Kyle Lohse, Kevin Siegrist, Adam Reifer, Maikel Cleto, Jason Motte, Adam Ottavino, Chuckie Fick, R.J. Swindle, Mitchell Boggs, Scott Linebrink, Eduardo Sanchez, Marc Rzepczynski, J.C. Romero, Victor Marte, Nick Greenwood.
  • Yadier Molina caught both Motte and Lohse.
  • Matheny appears to have been having a very active role in these early bullpen sessions — that makes sense, too, given that he is a former catcher. He’d gather each group of throwers today before and after their sessions for a chat.
  • Well after workouts were completed, Matheny took the practice field to spend time with his kids. He had noted earlier in the day that his family was in town and had gotten used to seeing him only for dinner.
  • Albert Pujols arrived in Arizona to participate in his first day of Spring Training work with the Angels. After the team’s workout, Pujols was ushered into a room in a nearby hotel to hold his first press conference. For more on what he said, go here.
  • One addition that Matheny has made to the daily schedules is the insertion of a Quote of the Day. As often as I remember to do so, I’ll share it with you in this forum. Today’s quote read as follows: “If you are not willing to out work and out think everyone on the field, you might want to find another job.”

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I like the birdseed thoughts.
Would you please stop referring to AP anymore. He is gone and I don’t care to have an update. If I do, I will go to the Angels website.PLEASE


Welcome aboard! I love the blog so far and the idea of answering a fan’s question each day is AWESOME! As such please know their is no malice in the following comment…

…not that my opinion matters to anyone but me…but…don’t really care that Pujols reported to spring training w/ the Angles…he’s a FORMER Cardinal and I would just as soon have all coverage devoted to the current team…

Keep up the great work!

I enjoyed reading your blog today and look forward to reading future posts. Nothing personal against you, but I could’ve done without the report on AP. I wish him well in his future with the Angels, but am more excited about the future of the Cardinals. Keep up the great writing!

Love the Birdseed thing. You are doing a great job! Thank you.

Welcome to Cards Nation, Jenifer! My girlfriend and I have really been enjoying your articles and the ‘Bird Seeds. Looking forward to the upcoming coverage of the season!

You mentioned questions about Matheny following TLR’s footsteps. His answer to that should be that he isn’t. He is wearing new shoes and will be leaving his own fooprints.

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