May 20: Cardinals (22-18) @ Dodgers (27-13)

Jenifer Langosch/

The Cardinals have lost seven of their last nine, though you would hardly realize that’s the case by crossing through the clubhouse on Sunday.

Rafael Furcal took control of the music choice, going, first, with John C. Fogerty’s classic ‘Centerfield.’ Then came ‘The Macarena’. No, there was no dancing to accompany the selection, but it did prompt plenty of laughs. I’m still left puzzled by the fact that Furcal even has ‘The Macarena’ on his iPod.

Anyways, this is not to suggest that here is an air of flippancy right now. No, it’s more just a looseness that good teams are able to maintain even when things go bad. There’s no panic, but, as manager Mike Matheny noted, there is urgency to turn around the results and return to playing sound baseball.

“There’s a balance there of not panicking but still, let’s not let anything slip away. When we have opportunities, let’s not let it get past us regardless of who we have.

“I think there’s a human factor, too. They see Lance [Berkman] go down at the end of an inning [on Saturday] and the human side says, ‘Really?’ That’s when you have to make a conscious effort. But there was a buzz in that dugout. There’s a buzz in this clubhouse today. Guys are singing and acting silly. I think they enjoy the game. I think they enjoy each other.

“And there is a twisted part of all of us that when something like this happens, they say, ‘OK, here we go. Watch this.’”

As expected, the Cardinals officially put Berkman on the DL today, a day after he suffered a right knee injury. Berkman talked about the injury at length last night here in this piece. There’s really little to update about his status, as Berkman did not undergo any tests today. His MRI is scheduled for Monday, after what is certain to be an uncomfortable four-hour flight back to St. Louis overnight.

Berkman was still walking extremely gingerly on Sunday. He is putting little pressure on the knee, nor is he bending it at all.

Berkman’s replacement, Matt Adams, flew in from Las Vegas on Sunday morning and will be making his Major League debut at Dodger Stadium tonight. Matheny didn’t guarantee Adams regular playing time, but it’s hard to envision the Cardinals bringing the first base prospect up to sit on the bench. In other words, he’ll get plenty of opportunity to play.


  1. Rafael Furcal (SS)
  2. Skip Schumaker (CF)
  3. Matt Holliday (LF)
  4. Carlos Beltran (RF)
  5. David Freese (3B)
  6. Yadier Molina (C)
  7. Matt Adams (1B)
  8. Daniel Descalso (2B)
  9. Kyle Lohse (RHP)


  1. Tony Gwynn Jr (CF)
  2. Elian Herrera (2B)
  3. Bobby Abreu (LF)
  4. Andre Ethier (RF)
  5. Adam Kennedy (3B)
  6. James Loney (1B)
  7. A.J. Ellis (C)
  8. Justin Sellers (SS)
  9. Chad Billingsley (RHP)

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Hopefully the start of a new era for the birds on the bat!!!!!!

Mike has to move Freese down in the line up, he has costs us several RBI with his slump. Better yet sit him for a while.

any news on Chris Carpenter

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