Got questions?

Jenifer Langosch/

As you likely already determined, I am not with the club down in Miami for this series. But I am not abandoning you altogether. I’ll be putting out an Inbox on on Thursday, so consider this my plea for a fresh batch of questions.

If you have a question you’d like to have considered, please email it to me at You must include your first name, last initial and hometown along with your question.

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I asked a question yesterday about how Lance Berkman is coming along. Where can I find your answer?

Given the temperatures, Is there any likelihood of Saturdays Cards Bucs Game start being changed to 7:15?

I saw where sanchez and freeman were sent back down to make room for browning and cleto. whay didn’t they send down salas and zrepenski down, they haven’t done anything all year and maybe the other two could do better given the chance. Hopefully Browning and cover the 5th and 6th innings so they can get to Marte, Boggs and Motte. Everyone keeps talking about the Phillies may trade Hammels, the Cards could really use him. I think Lynn has come back down to earth and needs to resume his role in the pen and shore it up some where the problem really exists and it doesn’t look like carpenter and Mccellean will be back or if back any where near their prior effectiveness. Cards need to find some pitching before the trade deadline like they came up with last year.

With 37 RBI in 38 games, Isuggest that Allen Craig is having an All Star season. Who else has such a stat??

is the NL going to DH next year??

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