Garcia makes third rehab start

Jenifer Langosch/

Jaime Garcia made his third Minor League rehab start, pitching the first six innings of Double-A Springfield’s 9-5 win over San Antonio on Thursday night.

Garcia was charged with five earned runs on six hits, including two doubles and a home run. He did not walk a batter and collected five strikeouts. After throwing 64 pitches in his last rehab outing, Garcia threw 75 (53 strikes) in this one.

The Cardinals have not made an official announcement as to what is next for Garcia in his rehab program, but it’s expected that Garcia will make one more Minor League start. That would allow Garcia the chance to continue to refine his pitches, and it would allow the left-hander to get his pitch count closer to 100.

Garcia has been on the disabled list since June 6 with a left shoulder impingement. When he returns to the Cardinals, he will be plugged into the rotation.

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I rather stay with Kelly Jamie is a head case he got his money so he is done working. Don’t like him or you.

He is on the DL and he is on a rehab assignment. How is that done working? Get a clue and give Jennifer a chance. Yeah she is probably a Pirates fan, but baseball is better when the Pirates are actually good.

Just so there is no confusion, I am not a Pirates fan (never was when I was working there either). The job of a journalist is to be unbiased. If you’re a fan of a team, you shouldn’t be covering it as a professional.

I don’t know youl, but I don’t care for folks who anonymously make character judgments (i.e., “head case”) and dismissive comments.

Give Jennifer a break – she has done a great job this year. I am glad we have her on board. If for some reason we can’t win it then Pittsburgh is my second choice – neat team, great baseball fans and city. BTW I do not detect ANY Pittsburgh bias in Jennifer’s writings.

I am ready for Garcia to rejoin the rotation, and Jenifer, your doing a great job sonr pay attention to fairweather fans, us real fans appreciate you

Seconded – you’ve done a spectacular job so far JL, and I recommend your blog all the time. Keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated!

Sure miss Leach and mailbag though…and insider stuff

Jenniefer is doing a great job. I would like to see more pics on the feild and more personal interaction with the players like the cincinatti guy does, but he is a fan of thier club so i don’t see that happening. BTW jennifer I think it would be more entertaning if you were a fan of the cards and showed it. If you are looking to further your career in mlb it may not be wise , but im sure a lot of fans would appreciate it.🙂

Very well said.

I think Jennifer has done an outstanding job. I dont feel there is anything wrong with being a fan. Atleast Jennifer stays focused on baseball.l

Hey Jennifer. Don’t pay attention to negative posts; they’re not indicative of Cardinals fans or the great tradition of same.

I would certainly like to see Garcia have a few more starts in the minors, build up his arm strength, and sucessfully get out minor leaguers. The majors is no place to get rehab experience.

Jennifer is the absolute best of the MLB bloggers. It is discouraging to see any negative comments about her work. She is awesome.

From what I heard of his last start, he didn’t really get hit hard, was just unlucky. I think he’s a lot closer than the results of this start suggest.

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