September 2: Cardinals (72-61) @ Nationals (80-52)

Jenifer Langosch/

Win or lose, the Cardinals will wrap up their longest road trip of the season today. With a win, the club would head out with a respectable 5-5 record. A loss would put that record at 4-6, which would have to be a disappointment, particularly after starting the three-city swing with a series win in Cincinnati.

Since the trip started, the Cards have lost 1.5 games of ground in the National League Central. They do, though, still hold a lead over the Dodgers/Pirates for the second Wild Card. That advantage is 1.5 games.


  1. Jon Jay (CF)
  2. Carlos Beltran (RF)
  3. Matt Holliday (LF)
  4. Allen Craig (1B)
  5. David Freese (3B)
  6. Bryan Anderson (C)
  7. Pete Kozma (SS)
  8. Daniel Descalso (2B)
  9. Jake Westbrook (RHP)


  1. Jayson Werth (RF)
  2. Bryce Harper (CF)
  3. Ryan Zimmerman (3B)
  4. Michael Morse (LF)
  5. Chad Tracy (1B)
  6. Ian Desmond (SS)
  7. Danny Espinosa (2B)
  8. Kurt Suzuki (C)
  9. Stephen Strasburg (RHP)

Division standings are here. Wild card standings are here.

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I don’t get this line-up

My thought was if guys are going to need rest, do it against a guy who likely could shut them down.

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