Former Cardinals up for Hall of Fame consideration

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The National Baseball Hall of Fame unveiled its 10-person Pre-Integration Era ballot on Thursday. Each of these individuals will be considered by a 16-member committee for induction into the Hall of Fame in 2013. Included among the 10 candidates are 11-year Cardinals shortstop Marty Marion (1940-50) and former owner Samuel Breadon.

Pre-integration candidates can be managers, umpires, executives or players whose most significant career impact came before 1947. Players must have appeared in at least 10 Major League seasons. Similarly, managers, umpires and executives are required to have been in baseball for at least 10 years.

Breadon owned the Cardinals from 1920-47. During that time, the Cardinals won six World Series and nine National League pennants. He brought in Branch Rickey, who developed the modern farm system while holding a position now referred to as general manager. The Cardinals posted a .574 winning percentage during Breadon’s ownership. He died in 1949, two years after he sold the team.

Marion was a seven-time All-Star with the Cardinals and won the MVP award in 1944. That season, Marion hit .267 in 144 games. He finished in the top 10 in voting two other times. During his time with the Cardinals, Marion hit .264 with 261 doubles, 37 triples, 34 homers and 605 RBIs in 1502 games.

Another candidate on the ballot — pitcher Tony Mullane — also has St. Louis connections. Mullane spent 13 years in the Majors (1881-84, 86-94); one of those seasons came in St. Louis. Mullane appeared in 53 games (making49 starts) for St. Louis in 1883, when the organization was known as the Brown Stockings and still a part of the American Association. He won 35 of those games and posted a 2.19 ERA.

To see the full list of pre-integration candidates, go here.

A candidate has to receive a vote on at least 75 percent of the ballots from the 16-member pre-integration era committee. Results of the voting will be announced at the Winter Meetings on Dec. 3.

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I don’t know why Kenny Boyer is not in the hall of fame. I base this entirely on the fact that Ron Santo is in. They played part of their careers at the same time and were pretty much the same kind of player with statistics that I beilieve are quite similar. Both were gold glove fielders and both were leaders. Ron probably had a little more HR powwer, but he played in Wrigley. One person’s opinion

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